melvin dovinte – achievement

artist: melvin dovinte
title: achievement
keywords: alternative gay sad teen trans Louisiana

The lovable sound that is used to create ‘hexomorph’ is something that feels like cuddle time. The artist plays a melodic work that reminds us of people who live and make things with their heart instead of just a hollow mouth. The track easily slips into the adorable and sweet sounding ‘nonchalante’. It has this wonderful emotional feeling that is delivered with perfect melodic delight and with the great choice of mix and matching sounds of sweetness. It’s the material that can set the eyes to tears, but also fills up your heart with the fact that there is still humanity left that are able to create beautiful acts of kindness like this.

Then there is ‘capricious’ which carefully molds the ability of emotions in melody to a hyper beat. The sounds are like sweet nostalgic bon-tempi organs that have made love with chip tune sweetness. Not sure how the artists makes all this, but it is clearly coming from a pure heart. You can just hear it within these melodies, they are coming from an introverted side, perhaps a bit lonely, but oh so loving and beautiful. Even the uptempo more poppy sounding ‘remember when i tried to make edm ‘ has this subprime beauty over it, showcasing so much lonely love and emotions within that it’s hard for anyone with a sensible pair of ears to fall in love with these soothing melodies of fine purity.

The ‘i feel it writhing inside me’ is a bit different, more experimental compared to the more straightforward melodic compositions of the precious material. It is a collage of samples, or voices and sweetness. It kindly streams along like someone is trying to tell you something inside a strange but pleasant dream. I don’t know what it is, but it is nice to have a human voice attached to this release, even if it is backwards, transformed and non-understandable.

For all the lovers of chip tune tunes out there, you will be extremely happy to find ‘love song’ at the end of this release. It’s here that the artist throws it’s obvious intelligent skills of melody along with a playful set of laser like game-play! The track is uplifting, crazy, exciting with laser-like sounds and energetic baselines to feel all jumpy about. I guess it fits the intense feeling of having butterflies in the stomach! I wouldn’t say in a billion years that this release would suck, but you would, if you didn’t listen to it! It’s pretty, lovely, energetic and sweet!

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