Herr Penschuck – unfälle im haushalt // domestic desasters

artist: Herr Penschuck
title: unfälle im haushalt // domestic desasters
keywords: experimental, ambient, drone, noise
label: Attenuation Circuit

Herr Penschuck has this very nice ear pleasing release out with tracks of reasonable lengths to get your self all tickled up with. It starts with the pleasant super minimal scene of a track named ‘gefühlsecht’ in which you will be covered and kindly greeted by sweet crackles of cozy dust. It’s like the dusty layers of old vinyl had removed themselves from the record and are just there as a stand-alone to give you there prominent good loving. But it takes two to tango, and Herr Penschuck sweetly plays a stringed instrument just as soft and pleasant as these dusty crackles; how nice, the sound of a true gentleman!

These crackles will be staying with you when you go to hear ‘bedenklich’ but now they will be colored up with serene pretty lo-fi sounding synth pads. They might sound not too complex, but that’s the beauty of it; it’s soothing in its understandability. When I heard this I felt like being bathed in the middle of a super friendly forest, lying on the moss, being cuddled by sounds that would make sleeping a pleasure.
It also reminded me of an old alarm clock, you know the ones with batteries in it and that you would hit every morning with a hammer; but here the sound of this ticking clock doesn’t ring the alarm as it is kind and calm enough to just walk on and let us solidly relax in peace. It’s the bringer of rhythm and that’s also very elegant of Herr Penschuck to insert into this pleasure dome of alternative sound exploration.

The cozy dust sparkles will always be by our side it seems, and in ‘Katastrofal’ it’s a true pleasure to know that they are close to find shelter under. The music here seems to showcase electronic material of experimental kinds that feels on one side like bad weather performed by scratching full balloons with a microphone. But there is also the sound of a mysterious storm with rainfall; it’s a mix match thing making it not clear what is field recording and what is done electronically (or analogue; in case it is indeed done with the help of balloons…)

Last bit of this very nice sounding release by the gentleman named Herr Penschuck surprisingly had left us with pure beauty. The dusty crackles that had comforted the listener on all the other tracks seems to have gone on a holiday, but as this is already a track of intensive experimental prettiness in a mental way; Safe journey friendly dust crackles! There are some voices here saying ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ (as you do!), strange flubbing pretty sounds wiggling like a electronic alien duck and pretty synthetic synth material. If you like experimental material that is also pretty and nice for the ears than I really suggest listening to Herr Penschuck’s release over here:

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