Emerging Industries of Wuppertal – Transformation Cues

artist: Emerging Industries of Wuppertal
title: Transformation Cues
keywords: cult electronic experimental ambient early electronic industrial krautrock minimalwave synthesizer techno Neuenbrook
label: Strategic Tape Reserve http://www.strategictapereserve.de/

No time to waste with formal introductions, you should go directly hear this album! But if you need someone’s opinion before taking the step to hear it for yourself then please be free to read on… (seriously it’s a great album! download / get or simply hear and you will be able to know what this excitement is coming from…)

The first track ‘Spartakiad’ makes all who listens straight away feel delighted! You basically get a warm welcome with a superb sweet acidic baseline that dances along a shaking dirty shaker. You will be covered in synthesizer galore that you probably cannot complain about. The track has also this great bizarre break that exposes an excellent chill ska-dub-vibe in pure electronic syntheziser electiveness. I don’t know how I am able to write to you as this stuff certainly makes my head go in full frontal trip-mode!

Also track two ‘Palace of Enhanced Gymnastics’ is full on synthesizer galore with excellent strangeness that somehow waves itself into a beat-grooving melodic psychedelic flubber that feels perfect when sober, but probably even better when under a chemical influence.
The sheer intelligence of how it all moves in organic ways is for sure something to inform your IDM buddies about!

In ‘Kondratieff in Descent’ we get the neat introduction of an alien; is this the real genius behind these amazing trippy synthesizer-vibes of smartness aka fine trip material? Within this work a druggy baseline drugs everyone up with a wonderful melody on top for ultra-silly goodness. It is really cool how this tune descents into a danceable hypnosis.

Parade of Heroic Actuaries’ exists of more melodic material that is nicely wobbling on an active bass. The alien voice also returns for a vocal session, making the material almost come across as alien-pop music, unfortunately the lyrics might have been preserved for other aliens but it does help to give the whole thing a nice glow of mystery. It just adds to the bizarre factor, making you feel like you are not listening to a synthesizer freak but to something these two x-file actors would find in one of their episodes.

The alien voice gets a bit weirder in ‘Mastering the Algae’, it is as if the voice speaks while the alien lips are vibrating. It functions as an announcer, probably announcing a slightly darker side of the music. This is music you simply have to hear, either if you like my writing or not. Personally it reminds me that synthesizer gear is a very important help to get that organic feeling across, but it also reminds me that it’s even more important who is using those devices. This intelligent alien is pretty much the right one for the job!

Putsch Beacon Paderborn’ is a fine piece of mystery, something in which odd electric sounds are farting around like colorful flirts sparkling upwards. This colors up the slow alien action on the based setup of this track. It comes across as the soundtrack for criminal activities, or perhaps lobotomy performed by aliens. Up to you, really!

Then there is ‘Proverbial Elephant in the Schwebebahn’ which is more positive with lots of electric tricks, acid blurbs that feel just as powerful as a didgeridoo being played by a tripped out professional. The sound is nicely bubbling around, satisfying the living shit out of all who likes this kind of music. The track nicely flubbers around in a cool way, getting a bit more heavy along the way with the correct use of more beat-like elements & a sharper almost French-muted-trumpet sounding synthesizer sound. Who needs trumpets if you have synthesizers, right?

The last track is ‘Dust Cycle’ and it simply proofs that even aliens save the most fun for the last minutes. The happiness is created by a fancy rhythm that comes across like an electric game of ping pong played on board of a cute little space vessel. Somehow I think they drink tea, milk and cookies as part of their daily meal on board of this space ship.. If that isn’t the case; they really should!
Even the more serious sounding melody that floats gradually over the rhythm feels more like the will of someone who wants to have all the sweets on planet earth and is willing to invade it just to harvest all the sweetness. All in all this is something you should check out if you like electronic music, intelligent stuff and prettiness!

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