Those Lone Vamps -“A Brief History Of Slumber” (In the key of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

artist: Those Lone Vamps
title: “A Brief History Of Slumber” (In the key of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
keywords: alternative gospel minimal new wave Udine
label: Vernal Week

“Written and performed by Bruno Clocchiatti-Oakey
Recorded in a coalmine on a crummy 4-track device by Linda”

Not so sure this is our very own head of comment ‘Linda’ but if so (and even if it’s an entire different Linda) then : thank you very much Linda!

This album might be the one that get you a little sweaty, at least the first track suggest this moment of sweat dripping from a singers forehead while he sings with a light torch under his chin. Of course it’s not entirely sure that thats what it is and how this is done; but somehow I vision him under a blanket in a hot room singing this piece late at night or early in a morning. Is linda there under the blanket too, or more at a safer location recording it all? Intimate stuff!

Then our friend is more strong in his vocal ability, not afraid of the darkness and getting rid of the bed sheet over his head. Now he magically spreads words in a strong mystic way over a receptive kind of loop that somehow makes me think of him walking up a circular lengthy staircase.
Then our friend singing and humming more like a human, speaking out memories. It comes across like he is testing out his mind to remember all these girls (and us) while strumming poetically on a stringed instrument. Somehow I can imagine ex-girl friends checking in if our friend will implant their name in this song. At least Linda isn’t named!

More calm and intimate mushy song follows; something with our singing whispery friends on a bed of roses, kindly making itself known on soft sounds that are nice and kind to the ears.

Then our friend uses words but also air that he exhales from his mouth to get another intimate song out if his system. It’s more an experiment, as if our singer is lost for words and goes to spread sounds instead. This is done on top of a nice soft wobbling minimal wobble & somehow I imagine that infants would sleep like babies while listening to this.

The deeper we go into this release the middle point can be reached. Here the entertainer will say that you would say certain words a certain way, but now say them differently. Hopefully you can take critical critics like this, but as he goes full frontal in a music way; somehow it’s all good.

Passing the middle point of no return, the intellectually poetic singer songwriter sings ‘you are never mine’ which is of course the truth. But he sings it in such a way that every listener would throw itself to this man’s feet hoping that we still would be his, even for a little bit! He is kind of a romantic, you see?

Then a more sweet sounding melodic song is provided, something about being mesmerized by a new face that looks like a pancake. Not so sure if this is a compliment or a bit of a put off. I think the musician just has to take some time to get used to the new face.

I could probably go on telling you about this album forever (or at least a half hour!) but instead, I recon it’s better to just hear it all with your own ears instead. Trust me, it’s better to hear things then read stuff written by some twat that hears it instead of you! Check it out over here:

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4 Responses to Those Lone Vamps -“A Brief History Of Slumber” (In the key of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

  1. linda says:

    I don’t know, I might have fallen asleep with this one-night-romance. You see, I normally am the one talking. Listening is not my my talent. Somehow a vague memory of deep, intensely prying eyes, a stylish moustache and a thin beard, surrounding a mouth that moved and moved and kept going. A frown asking me questions I did not understand. I was there for a different reason, slowly forgetting what and when I woke up the room was empty and a device was there. I don’t even remember pressing ‘record’ or anything.

    No, no, I don’t think I was involved after all. It must have been a dream.

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