Psychopatyczne – Macica sessions

title: Macica sessions
format: limited tape / digital
keywords: acoustic alternative diy electro folk freak folk live recording oustsider music singer-songwriter Kraków
label: Weakie Discs

Psychopatyczne is made out of Weakie Discs label owner and artist Convulsia Darklove (who plays guitar and provides the vocals) and Haimson (who also plays the guitar). Together they did their acoustic singer songwriter folk magic at the label’s very own headquarters. Somehow the location is the proud owner of the nickname ‘Macica’, which probably explains why it’s not named ‘live at the Weakie discs headquarters’. It just sounds better in the mouth ‘Macica’… It’s the word that makes you think of magic and chocolate, but probably means something else in the Polish language.

It’s important that you are aware that this is a Polish release, as the lyrics are strictly understandable to only people who indeed know what these pronounced words will mean. For people who have no clue this might be an obstacle to understand the so called meaning, but you might as well just hear it anyway. You can turn it into a crazy game, trying to blindly guess what Convulsia Darklove sings about, or simply listen to it from a music appreciators perspective. In this perspective it’s clear that the duo are enjoying the space and their acoustics to the max, playing those guitars and singing those songs with strength and passion.


This is the limited tape that will transport you to the Macica sessions

It makes me feel as if we are in the Macica, seated on the ground, legs crossed with a hot cup of chocolate in the hand and ears hanging in their sound, as they perform for our very own ears. After the original set (+ a old Belarusian folk song translated for the occasion by Convulsia Darklove in Polish) I feel like clapping and then checking out the rest of the label’s headquarter; checking out the other releases, maybe getting some limited good looking tapes, a unique one of its kind T-shirt or a lovely self-painted Weaky discs bag!
At this point I know I’m not actually there, but somehow the music and songs by Psychopatyczne managed to make me visit this magical ‘Macica’ place in spirit form and somehow (as it’s a label for everything DIY) I imagine that there are home baked cookies! Can you smell them? If you are in Poland it might be an excellent idea to visit Weakie Discs in person, but alternatively you can order this release on tape and they send you the sound of the place over through the mail! (Free downloads are also available!)


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