Title: Panthers EP
Keywords: alternative drum & bass electronic ambient drill’n’bass drum’n’bass edm ethereal experimental experimental electronic experimental techno idm lofi techno transgender United States

OF MERMAIDS is a project Produced and performed by Aurora de la Mar & this Panthers EP shows that Aurora de la Mar is just at home with piano melodies as with the energetic collages of breakbeats. This EP does sum up these abilities in an easy flow, making a music liking panther feel at ease with a nicely composed piano work that somehow made me feel like a cozy homely moment of a panther family licking each other clean before separating their ways.

But instead of lying around dazed in the sun OF MERMAIDS clearly kicks in the soundtrack that a free hunting panther could run too. With enough beats OF MERMAIDS will make enough pace to get that golden chain around the cover Panther’s neck wiggle from left to right, almost hula hooping around its neck in wild circular motions.

Here is the beauty with this EP; you don’t need to be a bling wearing panther or one living with a piano loving panther family to enjoy this release; it’s easy to just let your own inner panther come out in order to hijack its energy for your own beneficial benefits. Those wild breakbeats that OF MERMAIDS supply will work you up to become an untouchable presence either in urban environment or somewhere in a more natural Panther habitat.

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