Various Artists – WHale series # 1

Artists: Various
title: Whale series # 1
Keywords: experimental, Perth
label: Dog park Recordings

Four artists had listened and borrowed the sounds of music of an release named four loops by Hayden Dalziel.
Nobody knows which of the four loops on the original release (might be even all of them at once) gathered their interest, but the results are remixes that wandered off the original way into four brand new shapes and styles. All of them are positive and mellow; a feel good remix project that even had a special real live launch event.

Leafy Suburbs’s Ledge break is bringing the instant cozy moment in which elbows between strangers gets locked, simply in order to do a wiggling dance of togetherness. Leafy Suburbs cut and pasted the original into something completely shiny and new; folklore for a happy Tupperware generation. Whole families will gather around into the pop structure of sound that will conserve the music perfectly sealed in a compact form for the many years to come.

We ‘Dive’ a little bit deeper into the release with Eduardo Cossio who provides a pool of analyzing sounds, carefully all laid out and stripped out of their normal hidden places like a scientific researcher’s table in a science lab. The sounds carefully scooped out from the original recording had been removed professionally, showcasing the most sophistic elements that had been hiding deep within. Can I have a scalpel please?

Forget Bridget Jones diaries as A. R. jones is here with a ‘Slow Inquiry’. It not only rhymes, but is also one of the finest beauties available at the moment. Slow Inquiry is like a laid back day that makes the act of brushing your own hair while admiring your own self in a golden mirror into a classy thing to do. It shows you as you are and with every stroke of sound a wrinkle disappears. Throw your crèmes, face masks and other beauty products down the drain as this is much more effective, besides its forever free.

Furchick also focusses on you with ‘Your life’, a super warm and encouraging moment of feeling good about yourself, with humbleness she will pamper you with humble mumbles in a warm bed of extreme coziness. The hypnotic structure of beauty is greatly exposed over here, making it one of these tracks that inspires to sing on top, yet you don’t really want to do it as (you know) with the state of your voice it might be better without. Let’s leave it up to Furchick as she knows exactly the right dose to get us nicely in a pretty feel good mellow daze.

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