Koobaatoo Asparagus – Paul Mcharsknee

Artist: Koobaatoo Asparagus
title: Paul Mcharsknee
keywords: noise, harsh noise, harsh noise wall
label: MAV [0kbps] records http://mavrecords.webs.com/

MAV [0kbps] records will have a big party happening in five days, one of the label’s fine appearing top artists that will not be there to perform is Paul Mcharsknee! With hits like ‘yellow blub marine’ , ‘all you need is luve’ & ‘yesterpay’ Paul Mcharsknee his sounds are a welcomed & frequent guests on radio stations, super market speakers and elevators. With the hit that we are reviewing here today it would of course generate a similar buzz; nicely dominating these channels like the fixture that Paul Mcharsknee is. The household name certainly gives all that he could have given, a song that is not only worth to play on your favorite radio show; it is also lengthy enough to eat the whole radio show and all its annoying advertisements in between. This is only something an established artist as Paul Mcharsknee can pull off and get away with. And Paul Mcharsknee gets away with it of so nice & oh so harshly.

The lyrics are clearly written in a universal language; just shape your mouth into a round circle and say ‘whoowhoowhoo’ and you will be nicely duet-ting with Paul Mcharsknee master work in next level songwriting. The rumor goes that it’s a song about a barbershop and most particularly about the electric shaver that they use to trim the back of a hairline; it’s a most peculiar thing, yet so nicely recognizable for all who tunes in. Also surprising is that it seems that the singer songwriter Paul Mcharsknee (with the help of producer by Koobaatoo Asparagus) has also abandoned the usual guitar and piano things that he normally uses; clearly signing that his decades long career in the music industry is far from over & just launched itself way into the future!

Of course it will probably take some time before it gets played in the supermarket music collection, but when it does; shopping will suddenly be again a fine thing to do instead of a necessary burden to get food and drinks. The moment that it will be played in the elevators will also generate an exciting joy as you go up and down with strangers or people that you know. It will give a nice touch in order to excite the ride, probably even so much so that when the doors open at the floor that you wanted to go; you probably decide to stay in until the entire ‘song’ has finished doing its thing. That’s the power of a pioneer in the music industry, music that feels like you have heard it all before and yet never gives you a bore!

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