Lorenzo Gómez Oviedo – (((((

Artist: Lorenzo Gómez Oviedo ‎
title: (((((
format: Floppy Diskette
keywords: Experimental, Noise, Sound Collage, electronic
label: Floppy Kick http://floppykickrecords.blogspot.fr

Think of a mix tape but then as a floppy, what you will get is ‘A floppy mix on a floppy diskette!’ Lorenzo Gómez Oviedo made such a thing without it being a traditional mix-disk, as this one seen to consist of material made (with some plunder phonics on the side?) by the mixing artist himself, instead of the artist compiling and mixing music from others that made it into his music collection.

Think a fresh set of music bits that make the time flyby fast. This is a clear case of what the humans call ‘entertainment’: you will get tweeted by electric birds, flirted up by dirty guitars, inspired by the sound of someone scratching it’s back, surprised by something similar like a pair of keychains, bewildered by a clear audio-visual of an electronic whistling miniature robot, hyped up by the presence of preconceived muffled avant-garde, the smell of a sniff of freelance space jazz, fulfilled by a bit of dense buzz fuzz, a memory of John Zorn, and a shaky drummer…

it’s a colorful bunch that is mixed here, but Lorenzo Gómez Oviedo does it so well that somehow all these weird fragments sound as if they had always belonged together. Like a family of lunatics that even though they are indeed lunatics; they all connect in their lunacy. You can hear this release by ordering it (along with another release) through the infamous Floppy Kick records:

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