Kösmonaut – Cobra Force

Artist: Kösmonaut
Title: Cobra Force
keywords: berlin school electronic drone instrumental krautrock tangerine dream Denver

What’s going on? That’s my first, second, middle and end thought when going for the first track on this release. I feel like I’ve been sitting on an office chair that has been circling in circles, making me instantly disorientated. It’s clearly psychedelic that what is going on over here, yet it is of such a kind that I’m not very familiar with it. Compare the feeling of taking a drug that you haven’t yet tried before and you aren’t really sure what the effects will be and if it will suits your life style. I guess I wasn’t prepared for it, had a full meal before throwing this up on the playlist. It gets more digestible halfway, making the shock of instant psychedelic material into a more gradual one. It even becomes kinda pretty… But then slides down the nervous roads of this literally ‘high’ highway again.

With ‘police mission’ I’m too not sure if the police cap fits my personal taste. The arpeggios are nice, the synths are thematic but the steady stomping kick-beat is as if it has no connection with the synthesizer soundscape. Like a pair of heavy shoes with lead in them that try to walk between a field full of pretty eggs. When that beat eventually fades away I feel much more pleased, thinking that without it the music would have been flowing perfectly.

Drug Bust (as crazy as that may sound!) is sounding like a trance and a lot nicer! If all drug busts would sound like this, such happenings wouldn’t be all too bad; in fact I can the busted ones nicely raving as they get busted. But of course as it’s a bust; before the dance can really kick off in a next gear, the music fades out and we all drive handcuffed to the police station.

Apparently we escape as the music then gives us a nervous sounding Alley Chase. The rolling rhythm feels like one for running while having a funny walk, perhaps we have an abnormality to one of our running legs. The synths that clearly promote the sound of us actively being chased is bubbly and meets up with a touch of atmospheric strings. Still this elevation cannot help the thought of having a wonky escape; perhaps the shoe laces are untied making the run a bit more dodgy sounding.

Then there is ‘the hit’ named ‘Freeway Town’. This is one that stands like a house, it has this synthetic baseline and steady beat that will go well in a club environment. The trance like pads that fly on top are at the right place & the track is even executed with a repetitive French vocal; it can’t go wrong here, that’s for sure!

Death is the sweat from above’ shimmers a bit around with emotional sounding synth sound that feels like it wants to send out a sign into outer space. The bottom line seems to be there to do some audio hypnosis and when it all speeds up its as if indeed a UFO has arrived in the skyline being serenades by the music.

I guess the artist has been building the album up with the better tunes towards the end. All the way there the album’s title track ‘Cobra Force’ sets itself out like a dance track for a well intoxicated racing crowd. It doesn’t matter if you are on a love drug, natures finest mushrooms or a chemical substance or completely sober; the tune will sound as if you have reached the next level k-hole that you have to try to move and dance in. I hate the abrupt ending of this track and in general that it has to end; it’s like you are at a rave and suddenly the police closes the music and turns all the bright lights on. At least like this you can clearly see the following link that will take you to this album:

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