Eclectica nFusion AM1670 Radio Broadcast with Rick The Rock 

Artists: various
Title: Eclectica nFusion AM1670 Radio Broadcast with Rick The Rock
Episode : 114
Hosted by: Rick The Rock
Radio station: Dewberry Jam Community Radio

Normally we listen to either requests or go hunting for music ourselves, but today I decided to tune in and listen to the radio. Not just a normal radio station but Dewberry Jam Community Radio” in San Antonio, Texas. AM1670 is a 24/7 Radio Station owned by Billy Dewberry, who is an avid supporter of the Independent Artist. Also it is one hosting a very eclectic interesting program by a true music lover named Rick The Rock.

It’s on every Friday (21:00–23:00 CDT) and Sunday (1PM CDT) and it’s one of these alternative radio shows that didn’t lose the passion that radio once had. There is no negativity here and neither automatic playlists; this is a host with a passion and love for music which almost feels like a rarity these days.

Unfortunately I had some technical difficulties over here, connection problems which made me miss out on the first scheduled track by Tom Moore and Sherry Finzer – Peace Within. I’m sure (considering Rick The Rock placed it upfront) that it was fantastic and good. When I managed to successfully tune in I had fallen directly into Apoptygma Berzerk UTEOTW (Instr) which was such a lovely material to roll into, with lush sparkling electronics that will make you feel loved in a retro futuristic way. I felt instantly at home!

When the instrumental bliss was done I heard the radio host and music selector Rick The Rock for the first time. It was perfect! He had the radio voice that you always wish a radio voice would sound like; full and no heavy accent, very optimistic and clearly completely emerged into the love for the music that he was showcasing. With a great spontaneous flow he would announce the next tune:

Ben Carroll – The Resonance of Kindness

The track is what you could call a nice new age one in which its aim is clearly to seduce its listeners into a chilled out version of themselves. With piano, dark bass, splashes of slow rhythm and a wordless howling vocal that goes past boundaries of time and space Ben Carroll succeeds to intrigue and impress. It’s the track that dips in the feeling of the darkness of the night, but also embraces the light of the moon. It’s like a gothic wizard standing up on the stars dressed in a cape, putting an ancient spell of kindness all over the face of the earth…

Then it was time for a next song:

Bowling Tide – Escapologist

Rick the Rock shows a lot of enthusiasm when announcing Bowling Tide’s escapologist on his radio show. And I join him, as the eclecticness of this sweet and engaging eclectic jazz fusion is pretty much the irresistible thing to be enthusiastic about. With funky tight beats, dub sides, super synthesizer mellowness, and rock influences you’ll be presented such a melt pot of diversity in music in one that it’s sad that it’s over.

Bufinjer – Room With a View

The music selection of Rick is pretty much amazing. Bufinjer is in your face, electronic music with big beats, nice waving material that bounces like a powerful pill with nasty fuzzing baselines and lots of active claps and dubstep thickness. This is the kind of tune you throw the furniture out of the window for just to make space for wild moving arm swings, bouncing legs and severe dance moves. It’s nasty!

Hexagramme 23 – Collisions (grunge step mix)

Hexagramme is a favorite and well played artist on Rick the Rock’s radio program, the Collisions grunge step mix is rough, raw vocals, fuzzy wild beats with a hook you won’t forget ‘this is gonna break my bones’. The tune comes with a sick breakdown before going back into the mental zone of heavy guitars, beats and pretty much kicks ass.

Dalton Deschain And The Traveling Show – Different Constellations

This was such a nice surprise to hear, Dalton Deschain And The Traveling Show brought the sound and the song of love among the stars. The music is romantic and sweet, and the singing voices of the male and female are so pretty and honest, they make an intensive product of passionate love recognizable for all. A super melody carries their sincerity like a gracious hand high up the sky. Rick the Rock calls it very Lush.

Gary Schmidt – Gnossiennes 5

Gary Schmidt plays the dreamy Erik Satie classic ‘Gnossiennes 5’ it’s one of the composers that you can feel within your heart; the composition clearly made with so much devotion and detail that it’s simply perfect. I’m not sure of Rick the Rock knows Erik Satie, but if not; check it out! Gary Schmidt did do the work a great justice.

Daniel Land – Everyone’s Got A Guy Garvey Story

Daniel Land made a nice dreamy hazy song, made me feel like being in the sun somewhere on the country side. Nothing to do just relax and let the artist sing his good friendly vibes. A moment of relaxation.

JERRY HULL – Creepy Crawly

For Halloween Rick The Rock had selected ‘Creepy Crawly’ which has a rock n roll feel, very theatrical with medieval intervals, vampire like organ playing and great guitar solos. It’s like a family friendly song that kids could bring on their trick n treat tours on a boom box, while collecting candy. Great fun!

Rick The Rock was certainly on an enthusiastic roll and announced another track he loved with full praises and radio-friendly joy:

Dyr Faser – Estranged

The beats had a similar effect like trans Europe express by Kraftwerk but Dye Faser gives it a rock feel by feeding it nice guitars and a define human voice. The guitar music is strangely hypnotic, giving a nice warm glow that takes me away into a zone in which everything is estranged in quality music that seems to build a bridge between America and Europe in psychedelic style.

Jazzykat – Happy Ending

The enthusiasm by the radio host Rick The Rock is very infectious and it also works that all the songs he introduces and says goodbyes too are done with the outmost personal touch and pleasure. One of his other favorite artists is JazzyKat and ‘Happy Ending’ is for sure a track to be very happy about. It swings, has this groove that smells of jazz and samba, whisky and rum m. It’s the material that speaks to the mind and would fit dancing in hula hoops with friendly cat tails spinning around. The track is classy and fun! It has something cinematic too.. you see? I’m over the moon and taking in by it too! Great music!

Matt Schildt – Now The Day

And it just keeps on going.. I love the enthusiasm of the host but it’s also just the music that he plays; they will make everyone enthusiastic when listening. Matt Schildt’s Now The Day brings a very nice relaxed piece that has everything to feel loved by; lively played slap bass, pretty piano melody that will make a person feel oh so good and a beat that just is saying ‘let’s go easy and relax’ and let the musician’s music control and handle it all.

If music was a medicine I would for sure recommend Matt Schildt as your doctor.

The Foreign Resort – Suburban Depression

A bit more into the darkness is The Foreign Resort with Suburban Depression which has this feel of The Cure, it smells of the eighties early nineties with leather jackets and thickly applied mascara. But he song and style isn’t a copy cat thing it’s pretty much fantastic, having that groove twisting it up with fanatic guitars and beats delivering the soundtrack for your own private hell. The music will satisfy the goth and rock crowd but also silly music lovers who love to be haunted by moody music.

Jim Wylde is the person behind a new label who recently released a compilation for the Black Moon in which artists had to make their submission in one day for. Rick the Rock calls it right by being surprised of the results concerning the short time frame of production and how it all came about. First tune that Rick The Rock selected from this compilation was:

The Black Hundred – Coffee Hays

It has this industrial feel and flow that is pretty much fantastic. It shimmers with deep bass, long stretched electric moody guitars and a voice that feels like it’s coming from outer space. It’s the track that fits the nightly darkness like no other. The groove is slow and determent, giving a listener the time to go on a trip to the dark side of the moon.

Kai Nobuko – Dark Moon

Next to Jim Wylde it was Kai Nobuko that made me check out this compilation. He had send me, his shitty music friend and collaborator a message to ‘check this radio show out’ which I did and you are now reading the fruits from. Moving on, Rick The Rock played another music piece:

Marc Enfroy – In That Moment

Marc Enfroy brings a stunning cinematic piece with pretty wonderful lush piano and emotional strings. It feels like we are moving up on a grass hill after a nice rainfall which made everything fresh as it’s warming and drying up in the sun. Rick the Rock loves everything about it!

Schmaidl – Beautiful things

This comes from Schmaidl’s album ‘The View’ and is the opener. I can understand why cause ‘Beautiful things’ is honoring its own title. It features an interesting advise about consciousness and the music progress is doing enough in its power to underline this in its expansion. It’s like music therapy that wants to open up your mind and wants to take you by the hand as your consciousness grows. Pretty wonderful! Stunning work’ Rick The Rock says…

Rick The Rock just kept on giving, trying his best to play as much tracks and songs in their entire length & giving them all some worldly love. One that certainly receives that was:

Shoshana Michel – Gently Flows the River Tranquil

It was and still is a absolutely gorgeous work by Shoshone Michel, an artist who seems to channel nature by playing piano. Shoshana plays how a lovely river will flow and even though Rick the Rock had planned more music the show was cutoff but he promised to go off where he had left before. I’ve really enjoyed this radio show, the music but almost notable the enthusiasm and care of the radio host who clearly is a true music fan and not some kind of robot. He tells information short and compact and throws in positive tiny reviews. I’ve absolutely enjoyed Rick The Rock’s 114th show and presentation and you can do too in the near future!

Links to the artists played in this show (I would have loved to link them here including links to their albums but unfortunately the internet is down and we I’m calling in through a cellphone at the moment) you can find at the event page on the anti-social media website over here:

More info for upcoming radio shows can be found here:


Here are some listening options for you.

Dewberry Jam Community Radio. Listen Here–>:

or via the TuneIn Radio App at –>—Dewberry-Jam-Community-Radio-s137419/

With kind regards and renewed love for radio listening,

Simon Hit

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  1. Great review!! Rick’s show deserves all the kudos it gets…he has been one of our earliest and steadiest supporters, GO RICK! GO BILLY DEWBERRY!!

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