Trepan Vent – Blind Adonis

Artist: Trepan Vent
Title: Blind Adonis
Keywords: experimental, ambient, avant-garde, drone, noise

Trepan Vent has mastered the art of progression of sound, drone and experimental happenings. With this artistic skill in its pocket the artist sets out the music of a weeping blind Adonis. Although I couldn’t distinguish the sound of actual tears dripping over the Adonis cheeks, but there was plenty of story in the track to make it not seem odd if Adonis would crash in a corner trying to find his face with its hands, hold it up and cried.

The progressional soundscape simply moves us along as if we are the blind Adonis. Stumbling through long endless hallways with our eyes out of order, feeling the walls between our fingertips in search for doors towards the light. The tour is an endless one, the soundtrack of desperation that might correspond well with a beautiful Adonis who will never see its own reflection. In a way it might save Adonis from becoming a selfie taking person obsessed with himself.

The place that the blind Adonis is lost in is mostly hollow, but there are also iron gates, big thick slamming doors and perhaps left over boxes and materials to stumble & fall over. It’s all not very helpful to make a blind Adonis see, but once you learn that it isn’t about the looks but all about the ears; in a way we too can see the blind Adonis trying to make its way around without falling over some in the way rubbish.

The soundtrack of the blind Adonis continues with an unbridled fashion; it’s a smooth but seemingly lonely show, making me think of a vacuum cleaner’s pipe being closed and opened by a caressing hand. A little fuzz crackles along creating some kind of internal solitude not only for the blind Adonis, but also for our very own ears and minds.


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