Channelers – Space Makes Clearing

Artist: Channelers
title: Space Makes Clearing
keywords: ambient acoustic devotional drone electronic folk love magic minimal spiritual trance Oakland
label: Inner Islands

Channelers will bring instant sunshine with its riddling music strokes, fingers pressing in piano notes in a rhythmic stream into a new world of positivism and hope. The music is warm and gentle and it’s very clear that ‘Clear Guidance Golden Chords’ knows exactly what it is doing and where it is heading; more sun!

But first a sweep of crying fog… which isn’t sounding unpleasant; just wade yourself through the fuzzy feel of damp fog leaving the earth into the sky, clearly vaporized by the warm friendly golden round friend that smiles upon them.

Not sure what a Bergamot is, perhaps some hairy happy creature playing with its own fur on top of a mountain, but listening to the music dedicated to this name on this release; also this creature must be seated in the wonderful rays of sunshine. The music always pleasant and nice will make it warm and smiley & a similar effect happened to me (your reviewer) and possibly might happen to you (dear reader) too… Only thing you got to do to find out is tuning in!

You should be able to do just that if you are a human (or a Bergamot) made out of flesh, bones and blood) but if you are a person made out of stone it would definitely a bit harder to scroll down and hit the link. Still Channelers also included a track for them on this lovable album, a slow but beautiful work that might even do so much minimal magic on these stone people that they might crack up a bit & even shed an emotional tear. If they weren’t so heavy, we really should carry them in our hands and do a strange wonder of a dance with them, after all we got to praise and respect life in all its wonderful forms…

In this case with these lovely sounding loop based melodies available on this album you can give yourself and others the love and respect that you and they deserve. The music is so pleasant that it feels like a gift made by the sun herself. In the credits it states that the person behind Channelers is Sean Conrad, but I strongly believe this must be the alter ego of the Sun… Sun.. Sean… Anyway; the album ‘Space Makes Clearing’ is beautiful!

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