Pluto Party – 生日快樂!

Artist: Pluto Party
title: 生日快樂!
Keywords: pop, fun, interesting, weird, Hong Kong
reviewer: Psychic Peter

Hello reader!!! Happy Birthday!!

It’s your party today, my psychic abilities have shown me that today is the day that you have been born. Don’t let anyone you know tell you otherwise, don’t trust even your parents or birth certificate; my fortune tellers and myself are 3000 % right: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I even know exactly how young you are today, but out of etiquette of politeness I will not mention it here…

So what are you going to do to celebrate this important day of your life? Do you have a paper made hat ready, did you hang some celebrative balloons? Decorated your own favorite chair? Heck, even invited random people to come and party with you? Are you going out? Are you staying in?

I know with my psychic abilities I pretty much know exactly what you would do, but maybe reading this might influence your day so much that you change your plan! It’s a nice day for some heartwarming fun, maybe even a massage, bath, some sexy time with a hired delinquent who just got released from jail and is hungry for bodily contact… the option of things to do on your own birthday are endless!

You might even (and that’s an idea that won’t even take very long!) listen to 生日快樂!by Pluto Party! Why? Oh trust me; it fits a birthday as today perfectly! Everything is cute, excited, fresh and still pretty unexpected. Oh and most importantly it is made in Hong Kong, one of the most inspiring buzzing locations in the entire planet! Might as well pack yourself in a birthday present and send yourself to there. And if you are already in Hong Kong (my psychic abilities aren’t great with locations) then there is no need to pack as you are already there my birthday friend!

Have a really nice day!!

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