Humanfobia – Configuración Magenta

Artist: Humanfobia
Title: Configuración Magenta
Keywords: Humanfobia, Chile, experimental electronic, noise, electroacoustic, soundscapes

This new free downloadable experimental release by The duo named Humanfobia (Sábila Orbe (vocals, programmer, mixer) and Mist Spectra (keyboards).) start with the finest noise that my ears had heard in the last year. A comfortable kind hiss that halfway passes on the recorded time to a more concrete strange sound that resembled a electronic throat singer. This is of a short length as the track than slips into a small hypnotic coat of more comfort noise; what a lovely opener. I was so happy to have found this that a little dance of appreciation had to be done after this track had done its wonderful work.

A nice soft rhythmic vagueness is what Humanfobia provides in the next chapter, mixed at the beginning with a male voice, but nicely progressing into a friendly noise only section. The material rings a nice noisey tone and strangely flows by rather quickly. This is strange as it’s the longest track on the release; must have been audio magic! When this track had ended I wanted to cheer from appreciation.

The third section is featuring a nice colored sounding sound, one that is played to create a very slow minimal mysterious melody;It’s saddened yet it feels not down. Than a space bubble synthesizer sound starts to emulate a didgeridoo, bubbling away in a slow time that oddly relaxes & at the same time makes me go on my knees and pray for more.

The last track is a special one, one that features a female voice that sings in a devastated devotional way with a heart breaking suspension created by a high pitched noise. A vibrating synth sound rolls out to say that the release is all done and over & all I can do is rise up and clap my hands for a one man’s standing ovation!


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