Projekt Luty – Boże Ciało

Artist: Projekt Luty
Title: Boże Ciało
Keywords: video, punk, dance, experimental, electronic,

The unpaid employee working for the management of Polish awesomeness that is Projekt Luty had spend enormous time in creating and editing the music video for probably one of the soon to be head banging underground hits ‘Boże Cialo’. The story goes that because of lack of funding (equals no fancy video editing software) the person went online and managed to utilize the tools of the online world to beat out the Hollywood biggies in music video production.

The results are eye-shaking, almost unbelievable, yet as true as possible! Amazing special effects pop in that you wouldn’t believe to see; psychedelic alien shapes, floating depictions of saxophones and visually viewable music notes, atmospheric filters, cool balls, sparkles and rainbow inspiring colors! Still even though the amazing boost that is this feast for the eyes, the real power lies in seeing ‘the best of’ Projekt Luty video moments all nicely placed together for ultimate epic ness and enjoyment. Their facial expressions, their moving haircuts, body movements are on their part revitalizing all these modern day special video effects.

The music is strong and truly an anthem, something that pounds between a instrumental punk song and a banging dance floor cracker! Give it a go and be sure to have cleaned out your ears and poked the filth out of your eyes; you will be amazed!

For this hit and more please visit the following link:

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