Catherine Meeson – I Am (song of the earth)

Artist: Catherine Meeson
Title: I Am (song of the earth)
Keywords: powerful, new age, strength, earth, nature, video, electro orchestral

Catherine Meeson is back with a incredible defying & empowering set of music. She has grown and sounds superbly strong in all her elements of her natural self. She is not only channeling a true warrior called ‘Oma’ protecting the earth and its natural surroundings, she is in fact the earth itself in person; ready to fight anyone stupid enough to disrespect her awesome grounds and protégées. She is the ground, the air and the animals & with her very majestic sounding theme song ‘I Am (song of the earth)’ you know she has all under control, as she is richly armed with a full set of self love for Mother Nature’s own world of wonders.

Thanks to the amazing video clip that sets even more power to her grand sounding song, we can watch the warrior in person in her battle gear , expending the mind by reading up more in her book of wisdom, swinging her scepter around and even witness her transforming from enormously wise looking turtle to Oma’s human shape and form. Armed with grand piano melodies that sparkle lightly on top of strong strength & royal sounding epicness, the character of Catherine Meeson comes across as a fierce lioness who is ready to protects all that is dear to her!

For more information and music please visit the official website

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