CHINABOT – Phantom Force

Artists: Various
title: CHINABOT – Phantom Force
keywords: electronic idm abstract ambient electronic asian experimental electronic London

starting this Asian compilation with the weird electronic stew named ‘Mati Rasa’ by Tembok Kamar Dinding Sekolah from Indonesia is a good gamble by the label to start their very first ever release with. It’s pretty overwhelming, as if you are Obelisk as a child, swimming in a bowl of magic potion, but not the one that makes you incredibly strong, but more one that makes you feel instantly out-of-your-mind. It feels as if it’s there to break the barrier between casual listeners and the die-hard ones.

Dagshenma (from Japan) does take over the flame of creating an experimental energetically sounding electric sound-soup quite perfectly. Even so much that this wildness sounds like a respectful gift, with friendlier sounding sounds that bubble and squeak their ways through and out.

Fauxe from the incredibly clean (you can eat there from the streets!) Singapore is the first one that delivers a track that is more welcoming to all kinds of listeners. Fauxe uses some old school sounding traditional song in there and mixed it up with modern day electronics. It really brings history into the future.

From Thailand we have ‘Pisitakun’ with a track named ‘Chaiyapoom06’, this is one that I personally liked a-lot. With strange sounds that feel a bit like a militant war trip on psychedelic drugs Pisitakun sets out a rhythmic scene that kept my eyes glued to the speakers. I had to use some soap to get them loose, so beware! Good stuff!

Also from Indonesia is the wonderful sounding ‘Gamelan Angklung’. Gamelan Angklung might be refraining from modern electronic freakery and instead goes for a full on superb case of happy gamelan, it feels as one of the most fun tracks on this compilation; it makes you want to throw the chairs aside and start a dance!

South Korea’s ‘Samin Son’ also makes a good sounding point with ‘Pyjamas Party Bonobo’, which gives us a soft electric beat with nightly shimmering background singing and organ-drone; it really gives shape to a late-at-night / early-morning soundtrack for a chill out trip session.

Made in Taiwan is the following project ‘Lujiachi’, the track on this release is pretty dark and futuristic, it sounds like a minimal future in which left-over-technicians step around in the shadows, restoring robots to clean up the air.

Jungjunyung from Hong Kong brings a tiny piece of fun sounding experimental electronica that sounds so short, you would think it’s made by and made for party mice with a good sense of humor.

Hailing from Lao is ‘Ayankoko’ who manages to bring the classically folkish psychedelic culture rock to the modern world, creating a superb class of electronic cut-up material and traditionalism that feels super trippy. A rhythmic fest with mellowness and excitement at the same time!

Tampuan Community is representing Cambodia over here on this compilation of Asian music of interests. It sounds really cozy, with a rooster on the backdrop and an intimate warm voice and snare-instrument combination in the forefront. It is timeless and pleasant upon the ears so what else could you wish for? Lovely!

Also from Thailand is ‘Space360’ who delivers a spacy ‘acceleration’ in electronica form. One that builds up and becomes a bubbling work of progressive melodic ambient that feels positive and energetically friendly.

Tengger (from South Korea/Japan) brings a track named ‘tangi’ which sounds like a spooky thrill in experimental electric form. It’s rhythmic with dark slapping sounds that pushes its darkness all the way up to the final end.

The Japanese Vacacamp makes sound as crunchy like a burned crust of bread, shimmering like a well done space soup with mysterious ingredients and the result is a haunting goodness well-deserved.

Xanthe Yang does honor Taiwan & respect your ears with an active drum, strange soundscapes and mysterious trip things to wander and ponder in. It feels as if it’s catered to the highest person who just swallowed a bunch of lovely shrooms. This work will take you away!

Singaporean ‘Zeekos Perakos’ delivers a really cool sounding upbeat track, with a raw melody and electric beats. Something that feels like it’s tough and emotional, a piece for late at night with neon city lights and raindrops.

T4CKY honors its name by bringing a funny tacky song, it’s a weird moment in which it’s a colorful party time in which we shouldn’t really feel serious and have insanity laughable moment of feel-goodness. If this doesn’t make you happy, nothing can do the trick!

From Cambodia we have Bunong, who brings a heartwarming song, featuring lovely no-nonsense voices in a simply but distinctive way; a perfect moment of authenticity.

Lafidki also hails from Cambodia and sounds like it, bringing the sounds of traditional culture into a modern spin, creating a rhythmic dream to dream away and dance on. Slowly flipping the music into one that becomes intoxicatingly electronic.

Japan’s Stabilo brings a sunny soundscape for ultimate relaxating purposes to the collection, one in which you could close your eyes and float away. You could imagine rays of sunshine and a bright peaceful beach with soft waves & know that everything is going to be okay.

Dj Logitech from South Korea has the honor to finalize this Asian compilation with a harsh dancefloor killer, one so made for dancing that it might turn everyone into dehumanized dancing sources of pure movements.

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