Martin Rach – washing room sessions

Artist: Martin Rach
Title: washing room sessions
Keywords: experimental electro-acoustic hose improvisationnoise sax soundsurgery Lithuania

Apparently Martin Rach likes to have washing room sessions & strangely enough we should all love him for doing these washing room sessions… are we clean freaks? Not really, but even though We might not get any cleaner from it, it’s pretty entertaining to be able to hear him do his washing sessions. It really gets you up on your seat and is a clear reason to pull open the ears and let it all flow in.

This is thankfully possible because Martin Rach had recorded these sessions for us to enjoy; oh gosh what a joy it is that he had recorded them! I’m not overreacting when I write you that it is a joy to hear these sessions; From washing his breath to washing his soul and other hygienic washing scenes, the good man covered it all like a wild goose that has luckily & surprisingly stumbled upon a microphone, completely enjoying the miracles of the recording technology.

Martin Rach his washing sessions aren’t really sounding as if he shoved himself in the local dishwasher, shower, soap box or a drive through car wash station; he is actually sounding less soapy & more or less squishy. It’s nice to hear, as soapy things would come across too bubbly & his sessions sound more like a squabble of chatting gooses that has lots of things to say! It’s almost as if he hasn’t only been rinsing himself but in fact brought all these birds along to quack and quibble; a good companionship of thrusted friends is hard to find! Especially clean ones that likes to have a scrub.

So yes, Martin washes his soul, but also plenty of his breaths & even his spirit & it is clearly a joy for the ears to be able to peak into it and enjoy the process. Sometimes listening to someone working might be a bit tiring, but these washing sessions sound the opposite; pretty much refreshing material that makes you feel like you need to bring a instrument next time when you go for a bath, shower, toothbrush session, as there is no greater example of an artist who ultimately uses his time wisely!

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