Humanfobia – Dark Noise Anthems – Vol. I

Artist: Humanfobia
title: Dark Noise Anthems – Vol. I
keywords: Humanfobia, Chile, experimental electronic, noise, dark ambient, electroacoustic, soundscapes

Hello Humans that distance themselves to the humans, this volume one of ‘Dark Noise Anthems’ might be exactly the release that you needed to stick your sinister heads in.
Intimate introverted dark themes and vibes are presented here by Humanfobia; pure
material that sinks into the inner core of everyone who suffers (or gains) from phobia for Humans & makes the loneliness somehow less lonely; as now there is music to keep us together in our realm of being freaked out (and probably disgusted) by the humans dominating the earth.

Strangely, there are some dark sounding monks appearing in this collection, doing their seemingly blessings on our dark minds that plot our plans to add LSD to the drinking water systems of huge populated areas that these humans live in. It’s obvious that we and Humanfobia don’t need that special water as clearly we have the sinister mindset and the music to set us free in misery.

Humanfobia mumbles in our ears, hisses comfortable poison upon our minds so we can all hide the biggest sunglasses that we can find to cover our black mascara-drenched eyes behind. We might not say its Goth to hear these sounds of human phobia comforting our own dislike for those strange creatures that seemingly want to rule the world, but it does feel as if this release drags us into our own little circle of minimal darkness as an acceptable hiding place.

With abstract experimental noise, atmospheric material and sometimes singing voices of Humanfobia, this release is a source for comfort, strangely human sounding, while at the same time distancing us along with the musical attitude of anything resembling the mainstream shite of all that is human. Moments in which Humanfobia simply seem to puke in pain from being purely in their own realm of sickness are the highlights to me on this release; you could hear them wishing nothing but ‘death’ upon all who don’t fit their kind & rightly so.. It feels very freeing to puke along while enjoying this collection & it’s recommended to listen to this in a sad and lonely place far from human noises and humans in general. Enjoy this hiding place freely downloadable from the darker shadows of the internet:

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