HS – suicide synthetic

Artist: HS
Title: suicide synthetic
Keywords: Techno / Minimal / Dark / Other
Label: Sirona-records http://www.sirona-records.com/

Would you like to come over to get this dark techno rubbed deep into our skins together, tenderizing the muscles with an affirmative beating, spicing it up with wicked voices and having no shame in applying aromatic therapy consisting of a minimal delivery of high-hats, bass and of course the smooth liquidity of dark atmospheres… it sounds pretty tempting, doesn’t it? This is ‘suicide synthetic’ by HS as described in my words, but will sound probably pretty much different as played within your ears. I mean writing, hearing, reading… those things are simply not the same thing / experience, besides I would like you to come into the music of this release… I need you here!

As you see, music and text could be interacting with each other. But bring actually here with me within this release of darkness will be a much more elegant experience.. You could actually download / stream this release for free & read this bit of nonsense over here as it plays; it’s proof that combining things is a possibility & it somehow might add a little bit of extra to the experience. But if you just popped over in this album, things would be even more next-level! In fact as upon writing this I felt very cozy and safe with the thoughts of you coming over here with me. With this dark techno brewing away on the background (and foreground; I like to play it out loud!) it’s good to have a friend around to be that light within the techno darkness. Someone who can be the rock in the ocean, the hanger on the cliff, the shoe laces in the shoes; you and me are like bread and a thin slice of cheese, making the bleak darkness of this techno release a bit more happy and grey.

It’s worth the listen as when going through this darkness you will come across the techno gem that is “SWANS with Poppy Ruth Silver”, it’s probably the best hypnotically stimulation of a tune on this free downloadable album, clearly a potential smasher in a barely lighted club, the hammer on the head & probably the kind of track that made HS jump for joy when it was finished. It has a lot of details but doesn’t steer itself away from pure danceability.

But mostly throughout this dark treatment of techno music it’s a shimmering event, barely bright, quite steamy and lonely. A good reason to join in so we can go through this chapter together. It will make the experience a bit more safer and finer, as alone you might be a bit peeing yourself from the glim gothic vibe that this spreads around you. I don’t think there are monsters or killers around, but still I could hear knives being sharpened in the electric shadows and honestly prefer if you would come and listen with me (in case there is a problem of a mentally deranged butcher, at least there is a chance you will be slaughtered first so I can make a run for it. Come and join:

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