Piezoelétrico – Terrorismo sonoro e outros crimes

Artist: Piezoelétrico
Title: Terrorismo sonoro e outros crimes
Keywords: experimental glitch noise Mariana
Label: Antena.art.br

So what do we have here? A glitch artist, or let’s say a l’glitch le artiste’. It somehow makes me think of a painter with a French Barrett squashing sounds on a blank canvas in some kind of random expression. We don’t know if this artist sells well or whether it’s the actual painting or the painting technique that is the thing to applaud or wander around in? I mean It’s a bit like those painters who paint with blood; the painting itself might not be of your interest but the fact that it had been made with the artist’s own blood is all that is of importance: Getting the art critics wet and gibberishly excited!

Of course this glitchy artist is not a painter and neither does its things with blood (I presume!) , but what is the art here? The special sounds that the glitchy artist uses to fill up these blank tracks? Or the filled up tracks when they are filled in with these sounds? Personally I have no idea, but I guess it might be maybe a combination of them two. But when listening to these tracks I can’t really picture them or what they represent, it’s like abstract material that you can stare at for hours but still will stay as abstract as that you thought it was while checking into it at the first second. That’s great for if you like abstract art (especially when it’s glitchy), if that’s your thing you probably will be over the moon with this work, but if you like things more concrete… like you want to see something else than bits and blobs that stay blibs and blobs, you either have to indulge in a bunch of psychedelics before tuning in or perhaps find something else. Sure there are some moments like in ‘Balança giratória’ that actually made me think of things like avant-garde mice running around behind the shed full of electric cables and odd machineries, but still this imaginative sight of the cat and mouse game of sounds still keeps itself for the most part in the artistic vagueness.

In all honesty I think it’s more about the paints and the actual process, the color mixing of the actual sounds than more what they form and execute when they come and go together. In that way I feel like the glitch artist shows us the pretty process, the highly advanced specially screwed up specialized glitch sounds that Piezoelétrico had invented, rather than a filled up audio canvas that takes the breaths away. So yeah let me throw this here:

And with this in mind, here is a link to the actual release:

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