Jessica Grant – Salt the Roots

Artist: Jessica Grant
Title: Salt the Roots
Keywords: alternative electronic experimental eclectica minimalism neoclassical triphop United Kingdom

Let this delightful EP of Jessica Grant be the lighthearted kindness to fill up your heart and ears. With a lovely melodic showcase she brings us the nightly sleepy pleasantness of a electronic composition called ‘cascade’, which feels like the experienced touch of a feather, while at the same time being tightly programmed for a bright energetic friendly future. I heard this as the clock hit 4:00 AM as just opening my eyes from a fantastical dream & instead of walking all over it (like most music does) it became a lovely collider that kept my dreams intact & functioned as a bridge between this reality and the one as experienced as dreamland. I expect that children would be appreciative of this form of music too; I might have to test it out at my next baby sit session and see if my instincts are true.

After the kind beginner Jessica Grant comes up with a track named ‘Jolt’ which goes on a similar path. It sounds all utterly delightful (that’s definitely the keyword of everything that is happening within this release!). But it does have a bit more shade over it compared to the first opening. It’s a melodic emotion that is minimal and feels like the soundtrack that fits a moment in which something serious had happened & music is needed to acknowledge and then to overcome it. Even though the minimalistic approach it comes across more as if it had come with a emotional ballast, which is (to me) a interesting thing to hear and experience. I wonder how this music would touch you,dear openhearted reader & obvious music lover.. will you give this a try just to see how it makes you feel?

When the track named ‘thissen’ shows up with its own hearted mellowness with a rhythm & kind synthesis the early morning birds started to sing next to my open window. It was a magical combo as not only they seemed to be just as attracted and interested in the music as me, their singing chatters blended super nicely with the laid-back to the point melodic directness. You can feel the artist’s soul in there, yet doesn’t bring you heaviness or a ballast of information; instead it keeps it thin and wonderful. To me it’s the perfect early morning / evening music. But who am I and is it really important what I think, feel or experience when hearing this music? Not really, right? You should definitely try this friendly release of music out with your own ears and mind & see what it does to you and your own environment. Will there also be birds flying to your window for a wondrous appreciative chirping song?

All the way at the end there is the track named ‘Salt The Roots’, another example of how repetition and Melody can do magic to ears in emotive ways. This one felt like a nice mix between light and dark (just like the shimmering state of a sunrise), with a minimal touch of s deep baseline & a simple trap-rattle as a beat it made me feel like experiencing a carousel that had a mysterious sense of light sadness over it. Not too dark, nor too happy but something that seems to tell it like it is; being the perfect track to come down from the sleeping state into the current reality of the crazy world that we are ought to live our lives in. When it was all finished I had great joy to wave the interested birds at my window pane goodbye, wishing them well on their day & promising them that I will play more music of Jessica Grant at later dates & future times. Now I know my opinion doesn’t really matter, but trust me these birds have a particular taste & they can’t simply be wrong for enjoying the music as found on this release. I simply can’t find a better reason to check it out with your very own ears & maybe do so with open windows and on a fine pair of speakers, just so your surroundings can enjoy it as well. Tune in at the following link, absolutely harmless and yet the smartest substantial kind-hearted thing to do:

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3 Responses to Jessica Grant – Salt the Roots

  1. Linda says:

    yesy yesy, should not forget to comment that Loving these tunes too! After bandcamp refusing me to ‘spin’ it one more time, I’m listening the other albums and they seem to be very consistent in quality πŸ™‚

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