Pig Frenzy – Pig Frenzy

Artist: Pig Frenzy
Title: Pig Frenzy
Keywords: experimental, Leiden
Label: Smikkelbaard

You have pigs and you have the pigs. The first ones are my friends and the last ones are not. It’s a difficult subject to write about as even though pigs and the pigs look entirely different in real life, on paper they share exactly the same word to be classified. Pigs, is the word (in case you didn’t know). So when dealing with a Pig Frenzy it could go both ways, even if the front cover of it clearly depicting a drawing of the friendly version of a true pig, this still could be a subliminal trick to trick us all in some kind of trap setup by the other kind of pigs. That’s what they do you know?

But as this frenzy is ‘just’ music (never underestimate the powers of music!) there should be no real harm done by giving it a good listen. It doesn’t make all that of a difference wether it is made by pigs or the pigs, as to be fair we can’t see them rolling with their naked bodies through the mud or wearing uniforms covered in donut leakage. But it is whatever really as even though the pig frenzy does sound like it could have been made by either of the two kinds of pigs, the actual music seems to be energetic and kinda enjoyable.

There is something to it, something that feels as if it’s on fire. As if these pigs have been fuming in anger and yet managed to hold themselves together for a precise beating around and in the bush. It seems like a documentation in time, one that not only unleashes the pigs in audio form, but also remarkably seem to stimulate other organs. When this roughed up sound of pigs is playing I could swear to smell something that isn’t just my upper lip!
It is a instant smell of beer mixed with smoke, vomit and maybe some stench of someone who pissed itself. Of vile squats, of smelly armpits and hairy butt cheeks. Did I already mentioned that we shouldn’t underestimate the powers of music?

Luckily the instant odors that come as the music plays isn’t the only thing that these piggies has to offer. They also give us a jolly happy groove of guitar music combined with good baselines and tight drums. Don’t even try to forget about the singing or shouting, as that is so in your face that it would be impossible to come unnoticed. Together they come in waves, being tight or splashing out in some kind of orgy of coughed up wickedness. They are seemingly fuming, half puking while still managing to follow a straight line. I don’t know what to think of it, other than that I enjoy these pigs but won’t risk to invite them home or go and visit them in their own pig stall. I imagine there being great risks of injuries and lots of invitations for broken furniture.
Also if they managed to make this release come with such oral flavors, imagine how they will overwhelm you with their odors in real life. Besides the risks of being the other kind of pigs (the donut loving ones) it’s just better to play this pig frenzy as it is, maybe with fingers up your nose holes & speakers on the near-dead volume! oy oy oy! Or in this specific case: oink oink oink!

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