North Atlantic Drift – Departures, Vol. 2

Artist: North Atlantic Drift
Title: Departures, Vol. 2
Keywords: ambient electronica post-rock shoegaze Athens
Label: sound in silence

A little bit of ambient here and a little bit of ambient over there; it won’t harm a fly. The music by this North Atlantic Drift certainly doesn’t sound like it’s made by a individual that liquidates flying insects as a hobby or for a living. Everything seems to be calmly relaxed over here, things that would go well with the new age crowd who go to meditation classes or are doing it st home with the help of self help books written by long bearded gurus and self claimed spiritual goddesses who sell magical stones on the side.

It’s all okay, there is no worry over here and how you enjoy or feel this music is totally up to you. Personally I heard it all when still in a half sleep, dreaming of those long forgotten times in which I got tricked in visiting so called ‘brain-centers’ where people in gym costumes would lie on a mat and perform some kind of circular breathings as some special flown in mentor would speak of pretty places that you have to imagine while holding your eyes shut. It was all quite innocent until it became clear that the instructors had all been stuck in a house together, passports kept away from them and now they were recruiting the practitioners to donate all their earthly belongings in order to become a full fledged life long member of the team: whoops, this was a ambient cult!

Not long after police raided the brain centers and probably saved the instructors from their captured lives… this might not have a lot to do with the actual magical music over here, but in a way it triggered this memory as this is the album that would do well for the cult to brainwash the vulnerable visitors that emptied their wallets with the hopes to become enlightened. Ambient music simply isn’t always taken so lightly and could be pretty dangerous too so it seems..

this album certainly could leave a listener open to abuse by these cultish ambient freaks, but when heard and experienced at a very safe environment like your home and probably (I presume) your bedroom, it is probably okay and sane to let it all go with the flow, as the music lifts of your shields of resistance and let your mind departure for a pretty safe and wonderfully relaxing flight. So yes, don’t take ambient on from strangers, but from trusted people like the ones from YIKIS.. all will be good & wonderful with a album like this to sink away in!

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