Un regard froid – Palinodie (Anticinéma)

Artist: Un regard froid
Title: Palinodie (Anticinéma)
Keywords: electronic death industrial industrial noise power electronics Montreal

Oh gosh the sound of pure and raw distorted distortion had come to save us from the ruling silence. It growls bombastically, looks around evil as it establishes itself. A few voices that had smuggled itself along are crumbling around in the industrial corners, perhaps ready in time to warn your ears for the sharp nastiness that is yet to come.

The terrible noise scrapes harsh enough to thrill listeners in to a state of awareness. My mind begins to fantasize about factories, airs being delightfully polluted by poisonous clouds and green liquids killing off the natures of the lakes. My ears are being pierced by anger, scraping the insides as if there had been a steel brush busy going in and out to get rid of any dirt.

Sometimes a gigantic flush of high pressured watery flames is being squirted in, making the way clear for a instant headache unlike anything experienced before. It’s the sound that will even wipe away the showering neighbor who sings while rinsing his body with the window open; it’s that kind of all overtaking sound that this ‘Palinodie’ contains. It’s all absorbing, loud, unforgiven and strangely enough ; giving cold turkey goosebumps all over my chicken skin. This is what the people in the hallway call ‘mean power electronics’ but I like to name it ‘the opposite of paracetamol! Check it out:

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