Artist: Collections Of Dead Souls X Computer
Keywords: ambient dark ambient dream noise dreamnoisepop drone idm industrial soundscapes Austin

Being homeless and still being able to make music and release it through bandcamp is something of a cursed blessing. Making sounds is something that can keep someone’s brain and sanity together, however being homeless itself is obviously isn’t the one, especially going through this in wintertime. So if we presume that every album purchase will go straight to the artist to finance to the challenge of making art and survival, this whole bandcamp platform has somehow filled a life & mind saving role in what would in the past has never been possible. So bravo Bandcamp but also bravo to the smartness of the artist named Collections Of Dead Souls, as this music maker is doing exactly that; surviving homelessness as well as creating and releasing releases.

This album over here is one that is made in cheap hotel rooms and coffeeshops, but that doesn’t make it sound any less detailed or expressive than someone producing music while seating on a golden throne. However the sounds on this release are not your average cup of tea, in fact it sounds rough like only the life of a rough sleeper could have created. Take for example the track named ‘the crash’, its dark and dirty, rough and nasty, but behind that crusty crust of sound there lays a kindred spirit with melodic angels twirling around & also a blistering energy that doesn’t get itself down or distracted from its strong willed energy. This is like listening to the sound of survival instinct. Fairly unique to experience from a not homeless kind of view point.

The track titled ‘the streets’ seem to have taken street sounds (or a interpretation of them) to completely give you the feeling to be out there, in the cold grip of the night, with city cars passing by and lights flickering away the view of the stars. It feels big and enormous, a place to get lost in and yet also strangely exciting at the same time. Adventures might be hidden out in this ambiance and the programmed add on of drums give it the warrior vibe only the hardened street wise adventurer would have running in their souls.

The artist also gives us the experience of being in the shelter. We can feel like we are a at a alternative reality, like a foreigner kindly greeted by cheesy music playing from a little speaker system. It’s there to give us that surreal alienation of safety yet impersonal not-your-home style, as if we are trying to nap in a abandoned canteen. The little crackles in the music makes me see the fabric of the bedsheets and uncomfortable itchiness of the mattress, but also visualize the breaths and snores of other sleeping shelter goers.

The last track ‘the glory’ feels like a certain peaceful inner strength. Thanks to the dripping sounds of water and atmosphere of soft layers from synthetic synths that give a surreal sensation of acceptance and euphoria. It is strange as it’s so atmospheric, without warrior beats or distinctive harshness to swipe anyone of their feet, yet it feels severely powerful & beautifully fragile at the same time. As a collector of dead souls I think the artist had given this one its personal soul, making it a more than music kind of experience. What more reason to purchase this release does anyone need to have?

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1 Response to Collections Of Dead Souls X Computer – FROM THE STREETS WE FIGHT FOR OUR SURVIVAL

  1. Such a great record! Highly recommended!!

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