Goto80 – 80864 (DATA051)

Artist: Goto80
Title: 80864 (DATA051)
Keywords: 8bit data airlines electro electronic glitch c64 chip music dub electronic goto80 techno Gothenburg

I have been raving in a bathroom, inside the bathtub, on the toilet and even standing on top of the sink, all doing weird fantastic acidic dance moves like those from back in the days of the underground raves. Thanks to this fantastic album (and a severe amount of booze) by goto80, the environment simply had faded away as it transformed into a raving zone.

Even the baby (who I took there for unknown reasons) had begun to rave like a professional. Together we explored the environment like no other, blasting the sounds of goto80 for our own private party, following the kick drums and unforgiving rhythms, mechanic Robotic voices and splendid high hats to satisfy our relatively young souls. This is such a greatly infective album, every track simply spins into each other to create a spontaneous deejay flow that would satisfy commodore nerds just the same as old school ravers.

Trust me, the baby and I haven’t touched upon illegal leisuring medicines, but we got so high and up from these dance floor fillers that at one point the baby fall asleep and I had to sit down like a responsible adult. Still this didn’t stop us, we kept blasting the tunes of goto80 as loud as possible & I wobbled my head (and sleeping baby) along the beats that had been going on.

The whole release went by so solidly smooth that it definitely left a big appetite for more into our joy receptors. Luckily there is lots of more from where this had came from, so I look forward to hear more data by goto80 and have more spontaneous bath room raves! Hell, I even flushed the toilet in time with the music… it’s that good! I should have probably wrote more about the music over here, rather than how it turned a regular bathroom into a party, but maybe that’s just all the information you really need to know that this is pretty fun stuff:

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