Motosolo – I had a contractor come and sealcoat my driveway

Artist: Motosolo
Title: I had a contractor come and sealcoat my driveway
Keywords: experimental, Leiden
Label: Smikkelbaard

Are you ready for story time? If not.., please move along, if yes; stay here and continue at your own pace:

The contractor walks around, with big hips and a wobbly belly. You could hear the contractor growling sideways, hands deeply in its pocket while huffing and puffing on a fat gigantic cigar. The contractor finds the nearest tiniest problem and turns it into a elephant, climbs on its back and together they form a circus act that would make many eyes roll. Pirouettes, standing on one leg, drinking a entire blow up paddling pool empty in one go; these are the kind of things the elephant in collaboration with the contractor are able to do so well together.

After their show they go out on the big roads of success, taking a left and a right turn, ready to their end destination that seems to be the nearest driveway. The elephant destroys it with every step that it sets & the contractor hires people from the money earned in the circus to fix the elephant feet generated holes & gives it a sealcoat as a top bonus. That’s what the contractor and its friend the elephant do; always keeping themselves busy, generating enough respect from the public that they don’t even need to blow their own horns. But they do! Oh they do blow their own horns, tooting and pepping away like a rejected tuba players with a sensational amount of lung capacity. It’s okay, we can freely listen in as they do whatever it is that they seeming have to do & it isn’t a awful Shame if you politely thank for the opportunity and move gracefully along to something else: the elephant and the contractor have enough things to do than be worried about them being heard or not; as long as the contractor and the elephant are not turning deaf they are both perfectly fine and happy together. Toot toot. Pep pep:

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