Yaka-anima – Ñ (EP)

Artist: Yaka-anima
Title: Ñ (EP)
Keywords: experimental androids bots cyberpunk dark ambient dark electronic electronic experimental experimental noise glitch japanoise kawaii musica experimental chilena musique concrete noise ñ Rancagua
Label: Cian Orbe

Let’s shuffle! I don’t mean the option to play things randomly, but more in the sense of doing a shuffling dance by mostly twisting your feet in and outside on a smooth surface. Why? Well this EP asks for it! Not perhaps in the direct sense as in words, maybe they do – I do not speak or understand the Japanese language- but in a music way it seems to immediately wants us to dance the shuffle. The glitchy sounds, cure noise and sturdy cool rhythms are just perfect for it. It doesn’t matter if you understand the words laid out on every song on this release as music is the language that could be easily understood by all.

Still, these prominent words donated here by ‘Bot voices’ do want me to go and do that Japanese language lesson, not that it is needed in my personal daily life, but to kill the ultimate sense of curiosity that now will keep me up all night and day.. luckily from all the shuffling to this free downloadable release as created by the crafty hands of Chile based Yaka-anima, people like me become extremely tired – body wise – so sleep will come eventually anyway, especially if you enjoy it so much that you hit that replay button harder than a old fashioned nun would hit a naughty person’s behind in the olden days.

Each track is nicely compact, mysterious in their own electric artistic ways and pretty much the real thing that might be having more right to be in the tag ‘alternative’ than all the bands occupying it. It’s like s mysterious audio soup, poetic and strange, perhaps a bit dark, but not in a way that you can’t see anything anymore. It’s pretty much just too exciting to feel that dark cloth on the shoulders, simply because all these rhythms and sounds are keeping you up for lots and lots of shuffling moves. Slow shuffling, faster paced shuffling, all kind of shuffling.

It’s odd to say, but the tourist board of Japan might want to tap this collaboration of a release on her back & might give it some kind of financial reward as this release somehow puts it out on a positive and artistic way, making the Asian country even more attractive to visit and solve mysteries in person, than that it actually already was. Sábila Orbe and Bot voices simply manages to get that amount of cultural interest flowing like a inspirational source, better than a booklet at your holiday store… Plus all the instant shuffling that the music forces you to do, might also have plenty of health benefits! So all is good basically, absolutely no reason at all not to check it out at the following link:

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