William Davison / Wilfried Hanrath / Glenn Sogge – Solos, Duos, Trio (Davison, Hanrath, Sogge)

Artists: William Davison / Wilfried Hanrath / Glenn Sogge
Title: Solos, Duos, Trio (Davison, Hanrath, Sogge)
Keywords: avant-garde experimental noise rock three way dance improvised music Toronto

William Davidson takes us seemingly down in some kind of old abandoned bunker, maybe it’s his basement, but it sounds quite cold, big and paved with cement. We can easily follow his footsteps as he leads us not into safety but actually into the far opposite of it. It is if he has in this basement a thing that is buzzing out nuclear waste of some kind. It’s easily contaminating the listening experience with a foul sound. It’s going through bones and meat as if we are the stuff going through a human sized grinder. It’s kind of freaky, especially when he seemingly slams the door behind us leaving us there with this noisy machinery. Thanks William! I shout as I hear his footsteps walking away..

Oh, but it must have been some kind of optic audio illusion as we might met this fellow abbot later again. But first it’s Wilfried Hanrath that seemingly has come to safe us. Bless you Wilfried, your atmospheric strokes of relaxing tones is as if you had been descended from the heavens to help us from the psychopathic moment that happened as we followed that stranger’s footsteps down into the underground. Your fourteen minutes of utter calmness really felt like an act of care, abolishing the possible inflicted trauma into the forgetful zones.

When we all had been severely calmed down by Wilfred a certain Glenn Sogge made its way in. Apparently Glenn is doing some preparations for the blood moon. Not sure what that means but I hope it doesn’t mean he is planning to sacrifice us to the moon. At this moment we probably till feel very chilled from Wilfried’s good care that if that was actually the case, Glenn could easily do it without any of us resisting. For now we just listen to what Glenn is doing… we could only guess, I guess. It’s utterly mysterious. Glenn doing things in the shadows, making shadowy busy things as if it’s talking to itself while gathering potions in the corner. It doesn’t sound terrifying, yet to fall asleep with it would be not an thing that comes to mind. You just simply never knows if the good Glenn would suddenly rise out of the shadows with a shiny blade.

…or worse! Yep, our tormenter William Davidson came back and this time he is with Wilfried Hanrath! Oh Wilfried are you alright? What did William do to you? Or wait… is this a mind f*ck? Are the two of you really working together? And why are you both shoveling glass? And what’s up about the exciting footsteps? I don’t know about you all, but I wished to be able to get out of here; it’s making me feel uneasy, uncomfortable and worried about the future. What are they doing? How is this going to end? Will they leave us alone if we politely beg them to do so? Hmm, suddenly they seem to have taken some kind of weird device and squirt out bladders full of indistinguishable slime. The stench, the structure, the horror! Oh good lord, please help us out of the evil hands of William and Wilfried!

Ah! There is Glenn again! So sorry Glenn, didn’t mean to offend you earlier on.. could you please help me and the listening listeners over here? We are about to (probably) die thanks to some occult ritual by William and Wilfried… oh, shit! Wilfried?! You are here too?! Oh shit! I think we are so deep in trouble right now. I knew Glenn’s sound was eerie, but now that it is teamed up with Wilfried who first so nicely gained our trust by caring for us – but than teamed up with the murderous William is like a case of utter trouble! But please gentle artists, I know somewhere within you – both of you are just here being held against your will by William, right? I mean I could clearly hear that both of you are the kinder and more sensible ones… could you please lead us all back out of this place and make it an happy ending for all of us? Wilfried? Where are you going?

Oh shit! Wilfried is gone but William Davidson is back and now teamed up with Glenn again. I better suggest we all should do a little prayer in the hope some kind of miracle happens and we can get out of this session alive and well. These two don’t seem to be up for good, I could hear them sharpening knifes. It sounds like a pretty haunting drone – but don’t let that fool ya! They must be generated by knives, no doubt about it! Perhaps a mix of knives and them breathing out poisonous gasses… it’s dark and eerie as eerie could be… Lets close our eyes and hope for the best…

Hmm. Let’s open our eyes again as someone just arrived… maybe it’s our savior? … oh no. It’s freaky Glenn again. Now it’s all three of them, going around with the sounds of an creepy horror flick. It might now be an excellent time to shit ourselves. Maybe the smell might keep William, Glenn and Wilfred away? They play some children friendly sounds which actually makes it all even more disturbing. Especially on this scary case of chains, foot steps, bouncing heartbeats and creepy sound effects. Odd thing is, none of them seemed to finish it off. Leaving us just there – waiting in uncertainty – probably continuing this game of freaking us out in a follow up album. In any case I’m
Still happy that nothing brutal happened at the end as it would have been a shame not to be able to report this all to you. Be aware of Glenn, William and Wilfried! They are out there somewhere and maybe might be up to freak you out!

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