various artists – displacement – belonging

Artists: various
Title: displacement – belonging
Keywords: experimental, Perth
Label: dog park

A room in woodside by Antoine De muynk is the ideal opening of this thematic long play of true sounds of displacement & belonging. You could hear the croaking of a wooden floor, the safety zone in which the artist had been laying low like an hermit. With an calm sober warmth Antoine decorated the place as if the music had been generated by candlelights and the windows of this hiding place had been tightly shut for extra safety and comfort. It makes us feel as if we are there with the artist, probably out of our place but severely intrigued by sniffing out Antoine’s personal space.

HARAAM crawls into this feeling as if it a well fitting coat. Or actually as if HARAAM was born into it. Yep, HARAAM born into a jacket made out of pure feels. With a colorful palette of sad kindness we are subdued by the artist’s cozying sounds of disconnections. People, noises of broken connections, a sea, snippets of a lonely jungle… HARAAM uses the nature as it’s secret place of duck and cover & for any outsider this is a hiding place we could probably only dream about. Luckily HARAAM makes it much easier to come to life by making it available in audio form.

Tujuh kuda’s hiding out in the strange, but wonderful sounding Avenue Road. We could hear the artist from up close, blowing a whistle and embracing the echoes and all the shadows that are there to function as a cover. It’s not the best thing to hide under, but I guess they might be just the only things in this road to use for this activity. But to keep safe the artist apparently also has some small fireworks in place. It is perfectly scaring away any unwanted visitors, enough to let the soothing wordless lullabies hum around in the space as if they have nothing to worry about. All this perhaps are helping to keep Tujuh Kuda hidden from plain sight, but also occupied and entertained.

The artist with the name that always makes me think twice in order to write it down correctly ‘{ AN } Eel’ had also hopped into this world of displacement and belonging. A good fit as wherever this artist pops up you somehow always think of someone eccentric that had dipped its toes in a hippie world of experimentation for survival among the babylonians. Here he is into giving us a municipal Gum which comes across as a Dadaist spoken word performances from the psychedelic sixties when the acid is just slightly wearing off.

David Nadeau has the reputation over here to be a true piano experimentalist that most composers would look bewilders at. But it makes sense as David Nadeau’s piano music is more like a world, a busy place in which you could be and enjoy the constructed semi chaos in which nobody could possibly drive you insane as much more insaner than David Nadeau’s piano compositions it could possible not be. David surrounds himself with it like a avant-garde business full of instant Tom & Jerry action, but even cats and mice might think twice to invade his space.

Just a few hours ago we dropped a review on Samarobryn’s album containing tracks she made for compilations. This one available on here is probably also on there, yet because of this artist ability to create instant psychedelic music that takes you away to a magical wonderland with fieldrecordings of the pleasurable kind – it is simply hard to tell. Here Samarobryn brings in an deep jungle experience with a wobbly warm hypnotic back drop and a whole collection of tropical sounding birds to find hail in. This is the kind of place I enjoy hiding in, even though we might not be entirely made for it; it does seem to be the best place to avoid human society and be able to come back to our senses. Wonderful.

Talking about Covolux (who also send in. Work) would be silly. But I can reveal that this is the place that individuals like me have been hooked up with the universe and completely wrap themselves around it. It’s highly personal probably, but who knows you might connect as well. But I also connected with the music provided here by Museleon. An artist I’ve never heard on our platform before but are now instantly obsessed by. The music is extremely warm and pleasant, almost like a science fictional drone in which the retro crew from the enterprise had gone through space with. It’s like a trip that with kindness seems to fly through many ozone kind of layers in order to escape the feeling of displacement. The work is called ‘code red is too late’ which completely goes along with the science fictional space flight that instantly played in my mind. Beam me up Scotty! We don’t belong here!

Unknown Rockstar hooks up with the drone-like warmth of the precious two works, surprisingly hooking onto it so well that it feels as if these artists connected somehow, as if they are relatives, family or perhaps music making aliens that have come from a similar root. The work here ‘temporary accommodation’ is severely warm and beautiful, a place that might be temporarily but feels as if we could hang in there forever.

Allison Labs hits the darker tones, they are intense but also as personal as they could possible be. She goes in to your head trying to understand what makes you happy & going all psychotic about it. She will burn your shit if you don’t tell her what she asks and I guess that is also an alternative way how to deal with the concept of displacement and belonging. It definitely feels like Allison is one of the people not to be messed with, she probably will aim the flamethrower at you if it would suit her. Still, music wise it’s one of them that stays in your head, as she messes with it in an extraordinary way! An unforgettable experience is what she delivers here on this compilation carefully curated by Cissi Tsang.

The last track is by djskein who brings us the sound of a seaside, extremely calm with a salty breeze and a handful of seagulls. It’s utterly a safe place, outside far from humans that might or might not come to disrupt the inner and outer peacefulness. Even the low lying drone is as comfortable as it could be; the perfect woolen sound to use as a cover and block the outside world with. It’s a bit wet perhaps, but you might also say that it is of the rinsing cleaning kind. Making the end of this beautifully intense compilation into one that feels relaxed and refreshing.

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