Seffi Starshine – Goddess of the Calm Waters

Artist: Seffi Starshine
Title: Goddess of the Calm Waters
Keywords: dark drone ambient electronic ambient dark ambient dark drone drone drone ambient drone dark ambient experimental edm vaporwave witchwave Portland
Label: Girly Girl Musik

To battle the kind drunkenness of too much dangerous Belgian beers I went into a wonderful land created by Seffi Starshine. This was the right thing to do as she turned the completely merry go round eye sight (the one that was doomed to get into the puke zone) into one that became stable, warm, pleasant, kind and generously hearted. With intense golden tones she tranquilized all my senses, kissed my wounds of my broken soul and without words held me up in order to say that it’s all alright.

It’s alright to be a fucked up person, it’s okay to be whoever you are – the tones of Seffi simply just didn’t discriminate, hate or blame a listener for anything that they are, had done or are going through. Seffi’s wonderful drones are like the most wonderful plasters to instantly wrap around all the pains of the soul. Matter of fact:her music is better than taking a bath! Or a visit to any shrink or doctor. With her immense sound she brings you truthful peacefulness. The sound that makes you want to breathe again, the music that tells you that everything is alright – no matter what. It’s the sound of gratefulness, acceptance and if I heard it correctly: a hell of a lot of love!

The low drones of darkest waters felt angelic to me, driving me to the pleasant realms of the imagination in which spirits would come and meet me for a kindhearted blessing. Everyone is allowed to make mistakes, nobody is perfect – yet this music – is for this moment – as humbling and perfect as it could possible be. It carried me around as if I was a baby in a caring person’s hands. It showed me the end of the tunnel in which the light would burn brightly. It might shine mysteriously but around every corner of this musical tunnel it had a strong strength of belonging and forwardness to it. The music felt as if it knew where it was heading, leading the way like a savior with a magical but a semi clear vision of the near future. One that is certainly filled with love and after that: even more love – no matter what!

When the album sneaked into the realm of the goddess walls of sparkling gold and almost unspeakable caressingly gorgeousness had come all over me. It was so intensively beautiful that I could only think of it as a world wonder. With soft bits of breathtaking beauty the zone completely entangled me in a web of care and generous love. This was so sufficiently beautiful that I doubted that any other music out there would be able to reach the same solitude as this. Everything was so beautiful and pure, a truthful woman in music form, a goddess full of sparkles of light that came from all angles with pretty glitters and shining hearts that would embrace anyone that would enter it with the right mindset. To me it was not only a life saver but also an outer worldly meeting with the higher heights of existence that simple put me to rest, assuring that life might be hard sometimes but that the act of beauty and goodness outshines everything; ever bit is absolutely worth it!

Even the astral zone as depicted by Seffi Starshine is plastered with goodness. A mystique zone that feels spacious and filled with gratitude. Something that comes at us from a different dimension, one way bigger than life, like an enigmatic untouched force that covers our entire hearing range completely, embracing everyone like a miraculous motherly force that feels protective and gentle at the same time. In our world it would be best to be described as the fellable sight of a mother duck placing her ducklings under her wings. It’s full on warmth, safe and loving. No outer being could come in to seek out harm, everything might be pitch black but it’s the good kind of darkness. One made out of love and lots of it! I really recommend you to listen to this new album by Seffi as come on… where else could you hear goddess love in audible form?

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