Ten Terrible Poems for Ten Terrific Tapes

artist: Suculenta
title: Palm Era
keywords: experimental ambient dance drone electronic lofi new age noise plunderphonics tape music techno toys toytronica Virginia
label: Ingrown Records http://ingrown.wordpress.com/

Cute and filled with electronic fun
grooves for feeling good and loved by all
drums for dancing, hot as the sun
sweet magic sounds are having a ball

reluctantly relaxed, experimental and short
with nice sounds of low fidelity
enter it freely and on your own accord
making you feel enlighed in sobrity

Palm Era is the delivered of Suculenta
a cute toytronic spectacle compact and nice
playful anf filling like a pasta or polenta
more funkier than chicken fried rice


artist: Watergate Sandals
title: Presidential Bootleg
keywords: punk blues rock surf rock blues rock garage punk garage rock noise rock psychedelic rock santa cruz Spring
label: Under The Counter Tapes https://counterzine.com

Things are rumbling over here
the punks are dabbling in distortion
sing and play what they have dear
keeping everything in proportion

They deal with reality and do it good
play like the rock gods of the south
stroke their guitars loud and smooth
getting all the right words out their mouth

Nice drums and feel good energy
Presidential Bootleg Watergate Sandals
no one will be gaining an alergy
these rockers are certainly no vandals


Artist: Furchick
title: Race Against Time
keywords: experimental perth blurred & obscured broadcast cassingle improvisation noise wfmu London
label: Dubbed Tapes

Experimental sounds of voice and feathers
In a race against time
conquering the seven seas and all the weathers
doing all this especially fine

With noises pleasant for the ears
the furry chick spreads out how it is all set out
You might not want to give into your biggest fears
better than listening a blurry cloud

Every minute and second filled with excitement
With sounds exciting and excellent
be with this wonderful tape in your complete element
also works as a mosquito repellent


Artist: Buben
title: Betweem All Forms
keywords: experimental ambient ambient noise drone music sound art sound collage East Montpelier
label code: HT023
label: Histamine Tapes http://histaminetapes.wordpress.com/

Between All Forms by Buben,
It’s a wonderful thing to hear.
It’s by definiation not Cuban
but does have an exlusive atmosphere.

With ambient tones so fine,
Space galore so dense and spaceious
Listen, hear them, line for line.
Dreams flow here oh so gracious.

You might think they flow so free,
but they are stored on tape.
good for the ears and for the eyes to see.
a much better sound than eating a cake


artist: Pettaluck
title: Pass
keywords: diy electronic southend alt pop indie indie pop outsider outsider pop pop Southend On Sea
label code: –
label: Wrieuw Recordings

A work of wonder and adventure,
endless forests, foxes and shoes.
allturned out as the thirst quencher
from pop, experiment to blues.

Pass by Pettaluck is wonderous,
with warm voice and multiple instruments
musically full on and generous
a generous take on limitless.

smoking a bong, getting undressed
playing a balloon and having fun
everyone should be fairly impressed
dance around & shake your bum


artist: Fungus Wand
title: s/t
keywords: experimental ambient anti-singer-songwriter drone experiemental lofi minimal sound soundscape Tucson
label: –

The industrial tones that flow so delightly
sounds that spread out like an experiment
opening a bizare world that shines so brightly
no walls of concrete or stones with cement

Animalistic monsters, toxic creatures
frogs croaking in surreal wastelands
amazing synth path are the incredible features
all nicely crafted by Fungus Wand crazed hands

The epic tape for people into toxic pleasures
intoxication hallucinative psychedelics
a wonderful excursion into pure audio treasures
you wont need a shot giving by some paramedics


artist: Robert Cole Rizzi
title: Conversations
keywords: experimental ambient ambient noise drone music sound art sound collage East Montpelier
label code: ht024
label: histamine Tapes http://histaminetapes.wordpress.com/

Poems in weird surroundings,
fieldrecordings and synths.
a lengthy work with no boundaries.
statue of sound with plinths.

You follow the footsteps,
wander around in a dream.
cars horn for your triceps.
music that can simply be seen.

Words fall in pleasant ways,
audio massaging the brains.
Following Robert Cole through the days
as wonderful ambient rushes through the veins.


artist: Gabriel Bernini
title: Gabe’s Album
keywords: easthampton los angeles rock alternative rock country rock glam rock new wave pop rock power pop singer-songwriter Spring
label: Under The Counter Tapes https://counterzine.com

Gabe’s album makes your heart race,
a joyful energetic take of pleasantries
makes your head pop of your face.
a full on discovery of a happy case of peasant peace.

With friendly guitar riffs,
Jolly good singing of pure positivity
there is no reason to smoke spliffs
Gabe’s album creates another mentality.

Happy music for friendly people
covering reality in song form
one that isnt for all the sheeple
new found energy ready to be worn!


artist: Tag Cloud
title: Slow Light
keywords: alternative ambient drone experimental noise Washington D.C.
label: Fuzzy Panda

Music surreal , vague and amazing
everything sounds hypnotic and pretty
once you know you don’t mind me praising
lovely strokable like a little kitty

Ambient music that flows in natural ways
from one world into another
no reason to go loopy and blaze
with music like this you shouldn’t bother

Experimental tones of pleasant material
gliding by like a trip for shrooms
eating with milk and some soggy cereal
into a wonderworld in wich everything blooms


artist: Zawn
title: Lions
keywords: experimental ambient ambient noise drone music found sound plunderphonics sound art sound collage East Montpelier
label code:HT025
label: Histamine Tapes

There is no need to yawn,
A lounge vibe with jazz on seaside
The wonderful music of Zawn
will help the flood tide.

With the sound of the waves
pleasant tones and melodies
instruments that are for sure the faves
no room for note breaking felonies

Horns and sentimental tones,
classical nights in moon light
no reason for any possible moans
a pretty audio pallette happy and bright


these had been the ten tapes for today,
check the links, hope they will make you nice and gay!

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