The Dictaphone – How To Improve Your Relaxing

artist: The Dictaphone
title: How To Improve Your Relaxing
keywords: experimental diy synth krautrock noise polyrhythm post-punk ujnsq France
label: unjenesaisquoi

I don’t know about you, but i wasnt aware that dictaphones could talk.
But we learn every day and so also today. This dictaphone does not only talk, it talks very chemically, a bit like a human trapped in the device with sone added robot dust.
The other thing that I wasn’t aware off was that the dictaphone could make music, but guess what; surprise, surprise; yep, it also have done that! And it’s not just some kind of click clack music, no it’s actual music with bleeps and bass and drums and robotic poly rhythms to show off its quality music skills better than anyone with arms and legs and a body! So there is hope for the members of the community with no arms as if a Dictaphone can make stuff like this, than an armless person should be able to do it too!

Of course we can’t really see how the dictaphone has actually made it, probably with the help of some smart inventions, some kind of mutation or simple thanks to evolution; but still; it’s the dictaphone and the music that it made is pretty trippy, hypnotic & pretty cool! I mean you won’t come across such a thing every day, a dictaphone but also a music album like this. It feels quite mechanic and punk, while at the same time giving a very organic vibe that seduces the listeners into some kind of psychedelic world in which you really don’t want to escape from. It’s really neat (if that word is still a thing?) what the dictaphone has created.

Of course your average dictaphone wouldn’t be able to do this, but deep research reveals that this one is not just a random dictaphone, but one with an actual name! And not just John or Jody, or Claire nor Frank. No this intelligent device is called Jérémie Morin, which is a name you should engrave in your memory system and rather quick too as the trippy music might make you all blurry within your head when listening. Every track isn’t a year long, but they do feel all going for that druggy vibe of swiftly teletransporting us in the trance-zones.

Not the ones dominated by millionair deejays, but the real trance state. Sure at times you slightly sink away into the legend of the viking named Moondog, but as that’s a human I think it’s more worth to see the dictaphone named Jérémie Morin do it’s thing.. also because Moondog is dead and apparently this dictaphone is very much alive! And cool that it is! One of the little wonders in life basically! …if you came here in the hope to learn how to relax than I got bad news for you; this nifty post-punk album by the dictaphone is way too exciting!

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