Tujuh Kuda – Lotek

Artist: Tujuh Kuda
Title: Lotek
Keywords: experimental
label: The Dark Outside

It feels like we have been inside the brewing sun for quite some time, long enough to become quite jolly with a melted brain and a weird smile. It’s here that the pleasure centres of the brain gets a friendly pall of curious making music, sounds and outsider moments. It’s the excerpts for a promising quality tape by Tujuh Kuda that is playing around between the garden fences, ideally inviting us all for a wonderful world of wonders, experiments and strangeness that seem to have come from all over the place, one that feels unclassifiable, or simply unable to be put in a box.

And if it was placed in a box by accident, you could be assured that this music would have no problem claiming the box to be a fable and fly or walk straight out of it. Things like this cannot be contained and neither should be! Goodbye genres, hello ‘everything’!

But who can review an entire tape from just excerpts? Probably pitchfork and other big monkeys in the snobbery world of music journalism; they don’t need to hear music anyway to give it a sentence and a few stars… I think we at yikis can do similar things, but better after all ; truly listening to these promo bits and giving it at least a zillion stars out of five! I mean with music like this, even the stars can’t be contained to their original format. Oh they shine so bright, too much even to be printed in a magazine! Too wild to even appear on a blog like this; you will instantly lose your eye sight!

But who cares about eyes if you only need ears for the amount of music to flow in by Tujuh Kuda? It certainly feels like the kind of material that goes underneath the skin like a tranquillising tranquilliser that has an immediate effect on the mind: A glorious psychedelic tendency that happily slips in and puts the colour spectrum right in to the imagination, completely skipping the need for eye sight.

To be fair; I might be slightly biased as I’ve heard Tujuh Kuda playing live and they fairly provided the rightful psychedelics to become hooked on their audio radiations for many generations. But still, it’s clear that these expertly executed excerpts are enough on their very own to hang the preconditioned love for the music of this pair in a high tree and fall in the goodness like a second coming of a so called holy messiah. It’s already so hypnotic and trance-worthy that you might think that listening to the entire content of the actual tape might actually be a complete mind altering experience! So much so that those zillion stars are actually in reach of real life; so maybe wearing some sunglasses when hearing the cassette might be a good idea, as you don’t want to be blinded by its goodness! Be quick though, as it is selling out in no time!https://www.darkoutside.co.uk/post/187213997805/tdo-017-tujuh-kuda-lotek

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