Belly Full Of Stars – brokendatapool

Artist: Belly Full Of Stars
Title: brokendatapool
Keywords: electronic suffolk ambient bellyfullofstars courier electronic electronica improvisation nashville sampling synth tennessee United Kingdom
Label: Courier Sound

Courier sound had enlightened my cloudy mind in the past, with carefully released music in pretty handmade packages that had a lot of love sprinkled all around it. I’ve lost track a little bit of the boutique label although in the corners of my eye I’ve seen the continued births of many more pretty releases. Today I woke up and thought let’s get this last copy of this evidentially lovely sounding Belly Full Of Stars to some happy ears, make sure it gets a nice home where it will be cherished and stroked like a family pet.

The music can’t be more gentle, soft and fluffy as it is captured on this release, it is clearly showcasing that electronic music really doesn’t need to be cold and emotionless, but can actually be all about huggable warmth and kindhearted gentle kindness. Apparently the Nashville based artist behind the project ‘Kim Rueger’ has managed to conquer, tame and train her electronics in order to bring us the most generous sounding sound in chilled out forms. It’s no boring drone or usual ambient sessions that she had captured over here, but more as if the machinery had been treated with so much love and respect that they themselves wanted to give something back to the artist, a sign of intelligence, care and affection. Just read a bit of the story behind these wonderful sounding tracks and you know what I just wrote must be absolutely true:

Sounds in the brokendatapool mainly originate from a round of successive mishaps that occurred in autumn 2016: pieces of a synth improvisation recorded through a lightning-zapped controller and audio interface, errantly bit-reduced electric piano lines, EM pickup recordings of a drive reading a blistered cd, out-of-phase hits and rhythms played on a sound sculpture made from dismantled office chair parts.”

Wonderful, this means that in the world of Belly Full Of Stars failure doesn’t exist, that glitch can be embraced as potential beauty, that faults can be kissed and stroked like a street animal that flourishes up to its full potential by it being taken in by a wonderful caring person. Something that Belly Full Of Stars obviously is and so is this music (apparently!)

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