leaving richmond – Great Distances

artist: leaving richmond
title: Great Distances
keywords: electronic ambient atmospheric cinematic instrumental Los Angeles

Let’s endure and conquer some great distances and listen to Leaving Richmond. Now you might think to yourself: Who is Richmond? Is it a place, a person? But apparently when you do think like this, you have accidentally forgot that Leaving had been a big important word sitting next to Richmond. Ah yes the combination of Leaving and Richmond is apparently a Los Angeles electronica act. A popular looking one if you believe the many little mini icons of music supporters on it’s bandcamp page. And all the mini reviews full of praises from the buyers and supporters: one big feather up the projects ass!

Going through some great distances, (this apparently does not have to be taken so literally either; as its the title of the album that Leaving Richmond had brought out to our ears) makes it easy to see why it’s so popular and loved. Somehow the quality is pretty much high & with this I don’t mean it’s some kind of drugged up sound for electric hippies with their brain in shambles, but more that it is sounding luxuriously well produced in a high quality. Just hear it on speakers or on headphones and you can hear dollar signs that have gone into this all, or at least lots of hours of many days.

It all sound quite nice, melodic, moving; with elements of nostalgic winks towards electro legends like Kraftwerk and probably others less legendary to be able to pop to my mind. They wave happily towards us like a ray of positivity that isn’t at all sounding sad or tearful, more happy and with gigantic toothbrush smiles: You can hear that Leaving Richmond is a happy project, created by someone who wants to live in a happier go lucky world & basically offers its electronica to make it happen. I must say that it’s appreciated as with more and more technology being used by fascistic creeps to control the masses, this electronica is one that settles with the journey of melodic happiness that technology can bring us. Proving that electronica, when in the hands of the right people, can be used for greater good! Bill Gates; eat this!

With lovely melodies, light, but with energy Leaving Richmond brings the humanity sound back in drama-less album in which we can just be lovingly loved by a nothing-to-worry sound palette in which paranoid listeners like you and me can just settle down safely, travel and feel that electronic music can be a friendly ordeal & a melodic soundtrack that seems to imply that here there is nothing to worry about! Pretty nice, eh?


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