J Hamilton Isaacs – Circumzenithal Arc

artist:  J Hamilton Isaacs
title: Circumzenithal Arc
keywords:  experimental ambient drone electronic new age vaporwave Fairfax
label: Ingrown

If you have an ingrown toenail as a music provider, I would properly let it sit there happily. Ingrown records has been bringing and delivering so much quality joy that no pedicure professional should ever touch it. Take for example Circumzenithal Arc by J Hamilton Isaacs, which is one of the nicest things that it injected deeply inside of me. It tingles and feels all spiritually satisfying, adding that extra twinkly sensation to an otherwise normal toe situation.

This culture-injection made me all boppy, leaving me to dance on my toes as if they are bare feet on a trampoline situated above a fire. It’s highly electric and energetic and you won’t want to stand still for too long as nobody likes burned souls. Although the stench of such a thing will keep the neighborhood rats at great distance.

But yep, in this case lab rats will willingly submit to get a human ear implanted in their backs, just in order to hear Circumzenithal Arc and all its experimental electronic wonders with a third-ear experience. In fact, this music might attract a whole hazard of loving creatures, all sitting kindly next to each other, holding paws while silently enjoying the sound that comes out of this amazingly magical ingrown toenail of music.

Each of the recorded performances are like the nicest individuals, gracefully bowing themselves like the perfect table-manners into our receptors of musical enjoyment. They never fall for cliche formats, no formal structure – just a glistering joy of sparkling electric sensations that will make you think of painting your toenails golden. The kind of music that calms, humbles and makes you day-dream the days away with a nice warm smile upon your face.

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