Spartan Jet-Plex – Godless Goddess

Artist: Spartan Jet-Plex
Title: Godless Goddess
Keywords: folk alt-folk bedroom pop dark folk experimental folk folktronica low-fi trip-folk

The music on Godless Goddess by Spartan Jet-plex goes directly under the skin, like a midnight sky in which the sun had dove down in sincere truths, there are no masks here as everything is fully exposed and out in the open. A being of nature out there with chest ripped open and a golden light inside to lid up the inner darkness. With a huge sentiment and a brave fearsomeness, Spartan Jet-Plex lets down the guard to be fully exposed as the Godless Goddess , showcasing the worries, tears and realness that makes you feel humble and human again, while at the same time being stronger and more knowledgeable than ever.

Spartan Jet-Plex leads us to what had been on the mind, teaming up with the birds and depthful shimmering coziness, fully being one with sounds and words: here there are no secrets, no places to hide – a true flower being grown up and above all others in the field, lived enough to know that there is no need for afraidness to be stepped upon, but proudly growing in the world with an assurance that nobody in their right mind would pluck it. There might be many cracks on the surface, but they are carried proudly and shown that it’s okay to have feelings. It shines a mirror into our own being, making us feel as if we could one day be as true and truthful  as the Godless Goddess who doesn’t hide behind a religion, but takes own responsibility and own words seriously.

Being so open and willing to invite you all to join up close and be stunned by the nectar of the music by Spartan Jet-Plex is like a deviant act of true good. what you will find will ring more true than any word penned down in any of the religious books. True knowledge of being comes from the heart and with art like this around, it certainly feels like the example of how honesty is strength, realness of person is power and the admirable courage to show fear, tears and insecurities is setting everything in perspective. The act of listening to a song or music like the one on this album becomes a next level kind of experience. It’s like sitting up close to a truly admirable being who against all odds survives, seeks faith in being, clearly became unbreakable (even though many might have tried) and shines through in its entirety in the purest kind of soul-heart music.

Where you normally play and hear things and think nothing of it, Spartan Jet-Plex makes it eventually clear that music does not have to be like this at all.  The laughter of bullies turn into power, the ability to look fear straight in the eye and dismisses it all as a dream, making it a powerless thing that you can  dismiss and ride on the back of it to show whose boss. In the case of the music by Spartan Jet-Plex you can hear the result of a fight that is won by sheer truthfulness. The wilful songs, the sounds of melodies…

They are all working together to take your breath away, letting you in like a guest (and locking the doors behind you) who is willing to be accepted for who you are in a sane safe space of multi acceptance and knowing knowledge. No lies, only confessions, recharching you to be hopefully become a better and more honest person when you leave this dream… One in which words are becoming sounds, vocals morph into instruments – days become years and sincerity flourishes like a fragile star that grows up fierce in a strange dark unknown wasteland. Is it a dream? Don’t think so… It’s truth!

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