Cool Person – Grown Person

Artist: Cool Person
Title: Grown Person
Keywords:  experimental ambient drone electronic experimental electronic new age noise psych psych-noise psychedelic noise synth vaporwave Fairfax
Label: Ingrown

The Cool Person lays back as it twirls up a unique skill to pull together the eccentric electric noises and simultaneously mingles them together with analogue and nature recordings. This formed a world of pleasure, of life that is very unique and more interesting than any advertised touristic spot has to offer. Together as a whole you can think of it as a fantasy land that you could only visit if you had been hanging your nose a little bit too long into the toxins of glue. It’s that kind of different. But one of the absolute plusses about this place is that there is no nastiness, no baddies or sadness – every step is just a joy to walk through. Things have their own little sparkling bite of life over here, perfectly chilled out and yet tempted to wiggle freely around like enthusiastic sound bits of life that simply can’t sit still & have no reason to be conformed to a norm. It’s like a eccentric garden of sound that you can’t imagine to see when you think of the usual flora and it’s loving inhabitants.

Every bit that the Cool Person shows over here is like a wonder collage of nice vibes that have gone out of the normal ways, keeping the scenes nicely based on its own unique self, something that feels like a much more pleasantly surprise to step through than a hollywood version of going off  the yellow road in the hope for a more turbulent adventure. Here there is a surprise at every step, but all coming from a true honesty that feels sublime and good at heart. The creator of this all must be an obvious pure human being , one who loves , appreciates and knows how to deal with the fun of sound. Even funnily funking around at a certain point,  making me view an imagine in my head of a outer dimension episode of Seinfeld in space.

It is eccentric and explorative, as if the Cool Person hand picked each and every  sound vibration with great skill & eye for loveliness and compatible behaviourism.  It is if they had been fresh fruits and flowers to plant in its garden of cool wonders. In any case you can feel the love that had been placed into this creation and it feels like an absolute pleasure to tip toe through. There is also an absolute  calmness in this at first sight – chaos garden of loving sound miracles. This excellent place feels very humble and made with a certain feeling of absolute kindness at heart. It is easy to feel, touch and be surprised about, as it is like no place you have stylishly stumbled through, or had seen on the big screen of so called fantasy disney movies. It’s an honour to wade through such personal space in music form and to hear, feel and touch it with all its kind welcoming laid back loveliness. It’s a real cool place and it is sad when the cool person (without too much warning) shows us out into the ‘normal’ world again. luckily there is always the repeat button!

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