Cat Temper – More Than A Feline

Artist: Cat Temper
Title: More Than A Feline
Keywords: Electronic catcore dark synth darksynth electro electropop electropunk meowave synthesizers synthpop synthpunk synthwave vocal synth vocal synthwave Boston

Isn’t it tempting to hear a cat playing wild synth riffs in the garden? Isnt it inviting when the cat meows with its friends all through the night? Is it not appealing to hear them bang the bins at that moment of the day when you just really needed a big nap? If the answer is all yes, you would be happy hear the latest cat temper and friends! It’s so loud and so much fun, you probably could out Meow the cats in th garden if you are able to turn the volume up a notch.

Oh yes, Cat Temper brought so much friends along, it is almost if this cat sat on a huge pile of fish, food to bribe all of them into featuring on this star its album. First one in line is A buddy named Oceanside85. They played like sweet little cheetahs on the sincere heartbreaking synth pop to rock out on while fantasizing  about John travolta in his heydays. It has that leathery Saturday night fever vibe, one of passion and attitude that would certainly bring many cats in extacy.

As the synths meow, Cat Temper and  Swayze hunt down the cool sound of having an excellent cat time. It’s hard perhaps to imagine how cool these cats are, but I think they are the kind that will snatch your tuna sandwich out of your hands and will look at you as they eat it slowly in front of your face & you will definiatly let them get away with it – that’s how cool they are. They have that attitude that will make potential love interest faint in the bushes and swoon away in the moonlight for the lucky ones that can be close to them. Stare them in their cat’s eye and you will see pure confident sexiness!

When Jennifer Maher Coleman hops on Cat Tempers music it’s like a fitting glove, a perfect fit. What’s been born is a cat-worthy lady gaga-esque of thick kitten music. Cats the music is instantly forgiven and forgotten when this duo sets their earworm in you with their claws. With thick dirty baselines they parade their sensual precence at you and yah think is to

it’s a fresh start when Frisky Monkey joins the cat-life dopeness. While exploring their nine lives they simply seen and heard it all, placing their survival skills in a glittering anthem in which every paw will be pressed into the right keys for a great melody & every word is sang in such a way that it would thrill any genitalia to the furry max! Think about the glam style in which the alternative kids from yesteryear danced until their mascara dripped off their faces like an oil spill! Frisky Monkey and Cat Temper simply take what’s good and spice up the heath for a brilliant nowadays! What a feast!

The party mood goes next level with Cat Temper and Casey Desmond sweeping us of our feet in this bilingual electro pop anthem that makes even the toughest human super hero meow along like a cute fluffy kitten. It feels like the tune that would fit perfect in a movie of cat woman, one that will elevated the perfect crime with a perfect song that it would leave many of the theater watchers in a excellent state of mind. All hoping that it will roll out again as the credits rollout, so everyone can pick their back in successful inspiration.

What cats really think is pointed out by Gulf Blvd when rocking out on the Cat temper vibes. They simply lift up their in your face secret of them owninh their so called owners, order them to open up  cans of food or scratch you to get it done. High on cat nip they clearly enjoy being served and tempered by their human servant. A meow of good willed encouragement might be their only payment, but don’t they know what an great honor it is to serve such amazing cats? They are gods living in your house, so you better live up to that high level of expectation.

Things just gets better and better, thanks to C Z A R I N A teaming up with Cat Temper we are in for a hot fevered banger! With enough flair of enjoyment the hard fast ninja moves of the feline empire are being praised, let out the killer instinct and let it fill us up to dance like a panther stealing a large ruby without any alarm bells going off! It’s a full blast with golden vocals that ride on the banger beat and bass combo.

Upon eventual collapse is another one who teamed up with Cat Temper for a jolly good music excerzise! Together they created a very big cat of a tune, very bubbly, fat and hairy. You can just imagine the whiskers being pitch black and heavy, complimenting the focused eyes who are focused on its prey. Let me tell you we are mice in this tunes eyes, do better prepare to be eaten!

Violet Candide and Cat Temper now chases the whole lot into space, leveling up the cat and mouse game into other galaxies. From there they protect the earth from the evil rats with a classy allure of sentimental space synth rock that would slap even the biggest evildoer back in to their pest trap. With these cats being out there we all could sleep at night in peace, they are the protectors that we didn’t know that we needed.

Last but not least, a personal favorite on this biggy full of cat hits! It’s a no escape gruesome banger in which all left over rats and mice will be crushed thanks to The Vessel of VVOV and Cat Temper who created a classic alternative electronic gothic banger that will make many lovers drip from sweat on the dance floor. It’s hard, it’s hanging, it’s the end of every sensible thing & goddamnit what’s not to dig about this? It’s a killer!
You need to hear this album! Meow!

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