Hunki Dori – Reverie

Artist: Hunki Dori
Title: Reverie
Keywords: new age, beautiful music, psychedelic, ambient, experimental
Label: ingrown records

Let’s go chill out, order a nice shot of something sweet and liquid. A cocktail of some colorful colours to sip up as your ears get served something equally full and mesmerizing colorful. After having a Reverie by Hunki Dori you simply feel like it’s the best thing to order wherever you go. In the pub, at a fancy restaurant or outside on the beach while talking to a confused takeaway cyclist. I mean sniff this stuff up and tell me that you want anything else. Unless you have a big hatred towards yourself or have other issues to deal with, it’s probably Hunki Dori that you want when you want to feel good for yourself. It’s that kind of arousing goodness that you feel it’s the kindest thing to give yourself, one that makes your inner parts sing, or somehow make indescribable noises from pure wellbeing. It’s as if the friendless gets instant friends, the lonely be suddenly loaded up with a room full of niceness that sufficiently gives them the vibe of wellbeing and being kind of beloved.

The mellowed music that plays out so nicely over here is simply the flute to follow towards a full place where everyone and everything is soothingly friendly, nice and beloved. Sensual solos  dance along with humming harmonies, sweet guitar strokes are unarmed with friendly birds and the cozy background laughs of palls that you feel like you have known for your whole life. It is doe sure a delightful oase to experience, at times even bordering and stepping over to the realms of a heaven that isn’t the boring place as described in the books, but one in which we can joyfully dance to sunny goodness that warm up the cold and cool down the hot. Everyone will meet in the middle for a rhythm, a fancy clap and a tingling sensation of true musicality!

We might not know the secret ingredients that have gone in this beautiful blend of audio delight, but it certainly sounds like a lot of love, music skills and kind heartedness had gone in. Things twirl around like a paradise of musicology that makes it one of the best things you might hear to get to that place of harmonic motion of pleasantness. I didn’t know Hunki Dori before, but pretty sure it is a state of being. Being wonderfully talented that is & so kind to share this state with anyone luckily enough to follow this link and sip it all up! It makes me suddenly understand why the label behind it is called ingrown… As if this music doesn’t make you grow spiritually and your happiness contentment factors to the ultimate Viagra heights than nothing else is… Wonderful!

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