Froze.Hatech – FLoppy Promo

artist: Froze.Hatech
title: Floppy Promo
cat: FNR008
format: floppy diskette
keywords: lobit, drone, minimal, electronic, experimental
label: Floppy Noise Records

Froze.Hatech is an drone ambient project hailing from the United Kingdom. The wonderful Floppy Noise records has released their very own ‘Floppy Promo’ on (guess what?) floppy diskette! Of course like all the other previous releases coming from this record label, the diskette is packed in a original way, making it a instant collectors item! This diskette is packed with a grey ‘wooden structure’ cover, that certainly looks good as a show off piece! But what does the actual music sound like? Well I can tell you that lovers of polka and country music are not being serviced on this release, but who knows? Perhaps they might enjoy a little break with some quality music that hails from a complete different order?

The first track that greets the ears on this release has the typical warm sound esthetic that the lobit format is praised for. The Siddering and deeply soft grinding warmth, is rolling around like a mechanical roll of snow. It treats both the ears with a fine movement in pure stereo. As a promo it definitely makes me hungry for more, I would enjoy to hear longer pieces of where this is coming from. Unfortunately the music keeps us hanging like a teaser for a movie, or just one cookie coming from a complete box of cookies. Lucky for us there is another track to be explored.

This track is cutting edge as its titled ‘lobit hatred’, but feels like ‘dertah tibol’. I mean the music seems not only to be encoded in lobit, but also completely reversed! The rhythm wobbles and we even hear some talking. It makes me think of camping, but I do not have any idea why that thought popped up in my head when hearing this. Perhaps your reviewer needs a break, a Holliday?
Before I get inspired to pack my bags, tent and other camping utilities; let’s finish this ‘review’ correctly!

I have no idea how Froze.Hatech sounds like, even after hearing this ‘Floppy Promo’. It comes more across as an invitation card to search for this band, something that stimulate the listener to find more information about this project and hopefully  find out if Froze.Hatech does live performances to really experience the sound in a more lengthy session. This Floppy Promo is something for the fan and definitely aiming for the soon to be made fan.
As this is the 8th release of Floppy Noise Records and very limited to just 15 copy’s, it’s by all means a unmissable piece in your floppy noise collection!  Get this record over here:

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