Homme – Caverna

artist: Homme
title: Caverna
cat: FMP077
keywords: home improvisations
label: Flaccid Plastic Records

For all you lo-fi insanity lovers, Flaccid Plastic records has just launched a new Homme audio fragrance called ‘Caverna’. With a fine relaxing attitude the story begins as an eclectic jam that flirts with electronica, funk and distortion. It is something for the lover of experimental freakiness and special ears that can hear the beauty that the lo-fi environment brings to the table. It feels as ‘Homme’ has found its calling by enjoying the power of performing live without limits! Strictly recorded for Homme’s pleasure and entertainment, but you are kindly invited to join in and let this wicked alternative friendly jam embrace your ears. Maybe you can even pick up some bongos and play along! Nothing seems to be impossible in this friendly world of Homme!

The second track brings even more fun to the table with a feel good vibe that feels free as a bird and raw like the electric skin of a rough but brilliant homeless person! I don’t know why but the work of ‘Moondog’ comes mind, although it obviously sound nothing like it. It’s the free spirit that shines through and connects the dots between that Viking and Homme’s work! (Also the rhythms in these sessions may ring a bell or two)

The last track seems to continue the happy energetic jam, with more than 8 minutes of groovy electric improvisation. The nice rawness and flirtation with being significantly happy really is an enjoyment that you have to feel with open ears and a heart willing to hear the magic that is happening over here. Yes, it’s absolutely raw, distorted and lo-fi and in this case making this record probably even more enjoyable than a clean version of this fine jam!
I enjoyed this work very much, maybe you will do too?
Grab this release over here:

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