Living Ghosts – Falling Apart (Ft. Jazzmine Brazil)

Artist: Living Ghosts
Title: Falling Apart (Ft. Jazzmine Brazil)
keywords: alternative, emo, indie

‘Falling Apart’ is the single for Living Ghosts upcoming EP; The Thought of Giving up. Upon first listen you might think that the singer is falling apart, as he does an incredible showcase of crying and singing at the same time. I felt a little bit unprepared for so much drama, but I guess this the emo part that lives withing the Living Ghosts. Luckily the singer also blends in his more soothing singing voice to compensate. This is to me, a sign of relief and turns the song around in a much more enjoyable light. However the cry must have made some attention as suddenly another voice arrived at the scene. It is the equally nice sounding guest voice of Jazzmine Brazil who simply seals the deal by making this single into a strong one.

After multiple times spinning this song, I can assure you that although there aren’t any catchy elements, it sure is an addictive one on its own terms. The alternative guitar based music  is sounding excellent, the half crying voice is something you have to get used to, but all in all; this entire single is pretty much an alternative statement. I really look forward to hear the complete release where this single is taken from, as it probably will be having more buildup, what is needed to completely understand the emotional outburst that has been captured here.

If the record shows a more wilder side than the previously released ‘Forever & A Day‘ , than it will be for sure something to be excited about. That record was really impressive with its poetic song writing and good use of emotions in the delivering of the songs. You can read a review about it over here, or go straight to that release by clicking on the following word.  But before we leave this review for what it is, let the following link be the one that leads to the not yet released EP, where you can download the ‘Falling Apart’ single for the price of absolutely nothing!  Get it now before your mind gives it up (or falls apart):

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