✞een queen – say no 2 the police

artist: ✞een queen
title: say no 2 the police
keywords: experimental, electro, angst, max, rock and roll, teen, Maplewood, alternative, electronic, hip hop, rap, gansta, weird, cool, minimal, spoken word
label: Music Records http://musicrecordslabel.bandcamp.com/

✞een queen is assuring us that she is real and definitely not a copy within her electro punk sound captured on her ‘say no 2 the police’ debut EP.
She sounds like the hottest newest talent to check out,
ready to dance on quality music, hanging out with her mum at the club,  as the beats of a electronic drum kit provides the royal music for the self crowned queen of ✞eens.

Every track provided on this three track EP is a killer,
just listen to it and you will be hooked on how the ✞een queen kills it with her coolness.
She rules the scepter of her own claimed kingdom with words, claims her parents are the worst as they are obviously jealous of her musical stardom and talents.

The last track ‘crumbles’ is like ✞een queen goes gansta bitch explaining the problems that a cool teen goes through. (can’t buy drugs, can’t buy alcohol without a I.D. card or smoke crack..) . Peace!

Brilliant EP that you all should check out right the F now!
all hail the ✞een queen! (she is cooler than you’ her mum says…)

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