Crooked Compass – As Low As You Are High

The album artwork for As Low As You Are High, by Crooked Compass... is really kind of nice.

The album artwork for As Low As You Are High, by Crooked Compass… is really kind of nice. It reminds me of that show Tales From The Darkside. It had that intro with the demonic voice, saying stuff like, clearly very reminiscent of The Twilight Zone intro. That’s probably what they were shooting for. Like, I wonder how many takes they had to do… “Beware, because youuu’re now entering… the twiligh-.. ack, shit, I mean, the darkside. Sorry, I know, I keep doing that.”

Artist: Crooked Compass
Title: As Low As You Are High
Label: None
Cat#: None (Demo)
Keywords: Chill, Acoustic, Downtempo, Breaks
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Inhale deeply, and slowly. Concentrate on the feeling. The passing breathe moving between your lips, the air as it fills your lungs. There are so many fantastic sensations that we forget, or learn to take for granted in every passing moment.

This is how I felt upon first hearing Crooked Compass, literally just a couple minutes and several breaths ago. It was shared with me by another artist… and I’d love to just talk about how great it is, seeing artists sharing other artists’ work, even a demo, and talking positively about it, linking people. This is like… everything. I love it, I love seeing it and so I felt like spending a little time talking about it, too.

Just three tracks of sensory pleasure, like breathing.

As a Russian woman once told me after I loaned her a cigarette in a large parking lot on a hot afternoon two or three years ago, “Every day is a good day, as long as you’re still breathing.” I guess that’s probably true. At least, it’s probably true in the majority of situations I’m willing to consider right now.

This demo begins with ‘Dumb Dame’, which is, I’m just gonna say, kind of a stupid title. I didn’t look at the title when I first listened to this. The mix is so full, it feels swollen, sleepy. There’s a downtempo breakbeat, very crisp. Organ harmonics… acoustic guitar… I love this. I love the movement of it, it’s like a sensation of the experience of time, of one second being stretched toward the infinite. Sometimes, I think about how our perceptions of time are so relative, which makes me wonder how long it is possible for an instant to seem? How fast could a year go by? Theoretically speaking, I mean, right now, listening, felt like a moment out of time, but seemed also to fly away so quickly I had to pause just to finish gathering this thought.

The next track is ‘Tending Time’, which, wow! I wasn’t aware of that when I wrote the above, actually. Fighting the urge to copy and paste that into this paragraph, I want to preserve the bizarre synchronicity. This track is another masterpiece of heavy slowed breaks and lovely frequencies, and gets really overdriven soon in a beautiful way! This would fit perfectly to film, it feels like a dark montage. It really grips me. It feels like every sound is screaming, trying to break open a bottle of dangerous emotions pent up for too long. 🙂

‘Sailing South’ is the final track on this demo, that could just become an EP, better yet an album… I mean, who needs to greenlight that? Can I do it? Just say, “Go ahead, friend(s), make this real now. Your demo days are done.” This one is beautiful, with the gorged mixing, the tamborines and phased wall of guitar harmonies. Again, every sound begins to feel like a raw nerve exposed, ice against bare skin, screaming. It’s very moving!

Well… if only there were more! (Please make more!)

As a casual reader of the site, I suppose I should implore you to go visit the link below and spread the love. Yeah, maybe I should do that…

… ok… I’m going to. I’m going to say, “go there and do that.” Listen, and enjoy, and share, because it’s awesome.

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