Reisebüro86 – Badlands.Data

artist: Reisebüro86
title: Badlands.Data
keywords: Abstract, Album, Ambient, CGR, Completely Gone Recordings, Electronic, Experimental, Hungary, Noise, Normal Gergely, Psychedelic, Reisebüro86
label: Completely Gone Recordings
artist website:

Audio traveling agency Reisebüro86 has organized a pleasant trip that not only will be a good vacation, it will also save valuable cash as the travel agency is offering these trips away for free. To get a bit of an idea what you could expect, I’ve been going for it and will try to report to you my experience.

First of all the tour takes us to a place that is calm and bubbly, a alternative touristic attraction in which we could walk safely under an artificial ocean with lots of ocean blues, bubbles and fishes playing a underwater synthesizer.. It’s the first thing Reisebüro86 will take you and it is a wonderful choice!

The next stop is one in which you thought to have never existed within this side of reality; Reisebüro86 takes us to a authentic mermaid beauty salon, decorated with music boxes with dancing ballerinas turning around as they play, pretty sunshine lighting the shop and pretty mermaids and mermen are there waiting for you to brush your hair, Polish your nail and scrub your feet; it’s a treatment that is beautiful to see, to experience and to hear.

After Reisebüro86’s organized free case of getting pampered, the travel agency takes us outside in the land of fuzzy underwater dreams; here we follow a flying shelve pulled by a giant sea horse with a speaker on it’s back. It’s a mysterious underwater rave, not harsh like the street raves that made the techno Viking anxious, but one very subtile, with most beautiful mellow melodies and a far away four by four pounding beat that the sea horse kindly spreads in this pretty situation. Feel free to dance at this part of the tour, I did and it felt amazingly weightless in this water based environment of wonder.. Highly recommend it!

Then Reisebüro86 takes us to an industrial corner for some cultural sightseeing. All sound tourists are seated on a chain of hoovers and like that we form the parade that passes through fresh sounding underwater factories, humming kindly their songs of presentation in the ears. I was fairly touched how one of these industrial places hummed it’s personal hums into my brain and soul, it’s not cold, it’s not dirty; these underwater factories seem to have souls, lives and family members they care about; very interesting!

The next stop is a visit to a classic oldy; a steaming fun machine with lots of bright flashing colors and a Indian sounding voice is sharing important information for the young and old about sexual desires and relationships. The machine makes fantastic fun sounds, making education fun again! Lots of sparkles, images of digital intimate dolphin animations, emotional hokey pokey, grinding sexual clown culture that is as fascinating as it is fun!

Travel agency Reisebüro86 then continues the story with a visit to a place in which we can come and chill and feel at ease. We can wash our hands here, we can look at ourselves in a wall of mirrors, donate human fluids in beautiful constructed golden bowls. Pretty music brought by steamy kind clouds are flying nicely above the place, making it probably the best and most beautiful restroom experiences I’ve ever had. You just don’t want to leave, especially when the cleaner comes in the form of a jolly good molded dolphin ready to clean your seat and wax the shiny slippery floor. What a beautiful experience and such a great vacation for the mind, body and adventurous soul!

The trip isn’t finished, as Reisebüro86 organized a short visit to a amazing slide. You just sit at the beginning and than you go down sliding over the sound.. You might raise your hands and shout ‘yippie’ as that’s the kind of energetic rush of happiness this travel destination will give you! Good fun on a good flow!

After the ride the tour continues to amaze by showing a room full of strange mechanic chattering birds. There was no information written down, but I believe it was a reconstructed version of the formerly extinct Dodo. Here the DNA and mechanic hydraulics made a whole group of these dodos alive and in action. They step around on their little altars, creating a great rhythmic vibe, while others seem to have pencils in their mechanically triggered beaks to draw on paper autographs and pretty mind blowing landscapes. The amazement and amusement only gets more and more intense as a enormous flock of hydraulic birds come flying in to decorate the ceiling. I can’t describe it; it was an bizarre and amazing experience; too bad I had forgotten my photo camera at home…

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