Space Girls – wanna fuck

a4272501757_16artist: Space Girls
title: wanna fuck
keywords: colchón devotional drum & bass fucking cats distorted fanatic fancy fans fantasy music fanáticos pop post-hardcore sex voicemail Madrid
reviewer: Bolly Corgan

Don’t waste your time and say what you want. It might help to sing it in the shape of a popular song, if it might be something that involves asking for a sexual favor. Like that things don’t get all too awkward when the question is out of place or unappreciated, as then you can just say you was just singing a song instead.

To ask for something like that you might remind yourself that the more fun it sounds, the less blatant or banal the sung question will sound like. That is when this song by the Space Girls come in, a super group that knows what they want, and knows how to say it in the form of song and music. It will be hard work to find someone who gets offended when being asked in this way to become a ‘lover’. They either will be rather amazed, surprised and entertained; might be even mentally paralyzed. In case of a total brain freeze it might be useful to not await the answer and just use the situation for your own satisfying benefits.

After the ‘love’ is gone, I’m sure the Space Girls will leave you without a trace. But perhaps if they enjoy the companionship a little ride in their space ship might be a longer one then just the length of this song. Sporty Space is known for her acrobatic loving skills, so better be prepared if they come out of the blue with their question of a song…

For personal training, or perhaps indeed to sing along and learn from; the Space Girls have their song up on their online bandcamp account. It’s a good tip to acquire it and get familiar with its content. Either for your own useful use in asking someone you are not so close with for an close intimate action, or perhaps out of preparation and self defense.

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